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Professional Studies Grad Naomi Goez Finds Success at Major Denim Label

Professional Studies Grad Naomi Goez Finds Success at Joe's Jeans

Naomi Goez received a B.A. degree in Professional Studies with a specialization in International Manufacturing & Product Development in 2017, and we recently chatted about her time at FIDM and her "nerdy" role at Joe's Jeans as a Production Coordinator. 

Where were you born and raised? I was born in Israel and raised in Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, Canada.

What made you want to attend FIDM? Learning about FIDM’s International Manufacturing & Product Development Program was a total game changer in my decision-making. I loved the idea of having an opportunity to immerse myself in the global industry as a student, receiving both academic and professional experience at the same time.

What led you to the Professional Studies B.A. Program (BAPS)? I was drawn to the program since it offered a wide variety of classes in subjects that I never got to explore before, such as art and design history, ethics, and economics. I loved that I was introduced to elements of interior design, textile development, and cultural context, through the studies of English, history, and psychology.

How did the BAPS Program differ from the AA Program? BAPS was unique in its ability to tie in general studies to my specialization in a way that allowed me to broaden my thinking and deepen understanding of my own industry. A great example of that was my Icons of Culture class where we would learn about the deities and auspicious symbols of different societies in history, which would then lead to a discussion of how classic and contemporary silhouettes and textile patterns were introduced into apparel.

What is your favorite part(s) of the BAPS Program? I loved the variety. My first two programs at FIDM (Apparel Industry Management and International Manufacturing & Product Development) were very specialized, whereas BAPS had a wide scope of classes outside of fashion and production. It really made me into a well-rounded student and professional. 

Did you intern or work while in the BAPS Program? I was working as a Production Assistant at Joe’s Jeans, owned by Global Brands Group, and volunteering part time at a charitable organization dedicated to sustainable fashion, called Beyond the Label. In spite of the time management challenges those roles introduced, I believe that academic and professional training enhance one another.

How do you feel FIDM has helped prepare you for your current or future career? FIDM provided me with both the hard and soft skills my career path demands. The hard skills, such as knowledge of industry terminology and software proficiency (i.e. Adobe Suite), are required by employers upon entry into the job market, while the soft skills, such as strong communication and presentation abilities, networking, and adaptability to varying professional environments, are what makes FIDM Grads stand out among other candidates.  

Tell us about your role as a Production Coordinator at Joe's Jeans. I like to describe my position as “the nerdy part of the fashion industry” since it revolves around import/export strategizing and cost engineering. I work cross-departmentally with the design and merchandising teams to ensure our product is executed in accordance to the creative vision while remaining profitable. Other responsibilities include creating the seasonal time-action calendar, allocation orders to factories, and constant communication with our domestic and international vendors to achieve on-time, quality product. 

I continue to volunteer at Beyond the Label and am currently working on a video to be released on several online platforms with the intention of introducing the public to the mission and the team. Lastly, I spend my time building my platform as an eco-influencer, sharing my personal style, travels, and quirkiness, through a sustainability lens. 

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