Shell Thompson

Shell Thompson

Merchandise Product Development instructor, Shell Thompson, is a graduate of FIDM who was a senior designer at Marika, a designer at Baryshnikov, and designer/merchandiser at Maui & Sons and Ocean Pacific.

Do you have a particular style or philosophy about teaching?
I teach the way I learn. I am very visual so I use a lot of slideshows and visual images to get my point across. I prefer teaching creative classes because I love inspiring young minds and watching them light up as they explore their creativity. I believe in being kind, being honest, having empathy, encouraging passion, inspiring creativity, and having fun!

What do you enjoy most about teaching at FIDM?
I truly enjoy getting to know my students and helping them find their passion. It's very satisfying to see them encouraged when they do well on projects and are proud of their accomplishments. Each student has a unique vision and watching them transform the ideas in their heads and bring them to life to create an original design is amazing. Hearing about their success in the fashion industry after they graduate is very gratifying.

Shell Thompson is an Outstanding Faculty Award Winner, an award given by the student body to outstanding faculty members.

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