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Online Learning Grad is Social Media Lead at Christy Dawn

Online Learning Grad is Social Media Lead at Christy Dawn

After receiving a B.A. from UC Santa Barbara, Calia Booth was living and working full-time in the seaside city when she decided she wanted to learn more about the fashion industry. Since she had no desire to move at the time, Calia was excited to discover FIDM offered a Merchandising & Marketing Professional Designation degree taught completely online. Since graduating in 2016, Calia’s gone on to work in the social media space for fashion brands such as UGG, 7 For All Mankind, Vince, and sustainable clothing line Christy Dawn. We caught up with her to learn more.

Tell us a little about yourself: I'm a content creator and social media expert living in Los Angeles. Always having had an interest in fashion, editorial, and photography, I was easily drawn to the social media landscape, specifically in the fashion industry, in the early stages of my career. I started with blogging, shooting imagery of myself, and then moved towards wanting to be a bit more behind-the-scenes with a brand. 

Tell us about your current position and responsibilities: Currently, I am the Social Media Lead for LA-based sustainable clothing brand, Christy Dawn. I do everything from curating the beautiful Instagram feed, writing copy, managing influencer relationships for the brand, collaborating with all of our team members in creating fun content, and more.

Why did you choose FIDM? I chose FIDM because it had such a great online program that would be feasible for my lifestyle at the time. I was working full-time and really wanted to have more fashion specific experience and knowledge behind my belt so I could walk the walk but also talk the talk. 

What went into your decision to enroll in FIDM's online learning program? Primarily the timing and the lifestyle that I was already living. I was in Santa Barbara at the time and not willing to relocate because I had a steady income and a full-time job that was paying the bills, so it was the perfect opportunity for me to find an online learning program that worked for me but gave me the same degree with all the credentials.

Tell us about your online learning experience. What was the best part? Learning about all the science behind the fabric. I think that's something that has always fascinated me, and although I've never been quite crafty and knew I didn't want to actually be a designer, it was great to understand how a garment gets from point A to point B and figure out how I'm able to market it. 

How do you feel FIDM prepared you for what you are doing now? FIDM truly helped me understand how the wheels turn at any fashion company. From merchandising to fabrics to construction and marketing, it was great to have such a well-rounded approach to a degree and actually be able to apply my knowledge once I graduated. 

Any advice for current FIDM Students who are experiencing online classes for the first time? Have an agenda and make a to-do list every day, especially if you were in the same boat I was in, with a full-time job. It's easier to manage so many things at once if you make tangible goals for yourself each day.

Keep up with Calia on Instagram @caliaflower and learn more about Christy Dawn @christydawn.

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