FIDM IMPD Student Chi Kim Pham

IMPD Partners With Color Solutions International

FIDM’s International Manufacturing & Product Development (IMPD) Advanced Study program teaches students about all phases of the product development cycle from the initial concept and design to technical design, global sourcing, costing, production, and marketing to the consumer. Every year they collaborate with an exciting brand for their final collections. In this year’s collaboration, the FIDM IMPD Class of 2020 partnered with color trend forecasting and consulting agency Color Solutions International (CSI). 

[Watch our video on this year's IMPD partnership with Color Solutions International.]

As they took their designs from concept to consumer in the 9-month intensive program, thirteen elite students designed for five categories—Wellness: Lauren Silva, Idaneli Chavez, and Abbie Watkins; Wearable Tech, Skyler Ross, Ting-Jung Huang, and Ellie Smith; Transforming Luxury: Melyka Sucaldito and Michelle McLamb; Travel: Burgandi Hall, Jessica Nardo, and Victoria Luk; and Sleep: Chi Kim Pham and Shailey Wilson.

The students were divided up into individual lifestyle disciplines where they developed consumer products that would be merchandised together. The products were to be cohesive throughout each discipline and encompass the lifestyle demographic to develop trend-right merchandised collection through color, print story, silhouette, and proposed fabrications and trims.

"For the CSI industry collaboration I was challenged to design a collection of wearable technology products for children," said IMPD Student Ellie Smith. "In line with the direction the wearable technology market is heading, my goal was to make all of my products as customizable as possible. For instance, the backpack I designed has an LED screen that allows the child to customize the screen with any gif or image they want." 

Each student was responsible for their individual challenge, as well as, to work closely with a team member. They presented consumer analysis, sub-theme, color application, proposed fabric application, initial and final proposed product, as well as, a complete production and sourcing strategy within comprehensive technical packages.

"After doing a lot of trends and colors forecasting individually and with my teammate," said IMPD Student Chi Kim Pham, "I figured out that the sleep market in the future will not be about the price tag but an impactful product that is effective enough to consumers’ health as well as the environment; a combination of technology and natural components."

The students worked not only in the classroom, but compiled extensive research within the global consumer market place, through global travel, textile shows, industry mills, production facilities, pattern makers, finishing, dyeing, and laundry facilities, as well as, working sessions with Color Solutions International. 

"With a less-is-more mentality, [the luxury millennial consumer] is willing to make 'guilt-free' purchases trading the immediacy of fast fashion for high quality, long-lasting and transeasonal pieces," said IMPD Student Melyka Sucaldito.

IMPD Student Abbie Watkins said one of the highlights of the 9-month Advanced Study program was working with 12 brilliant women. "That was my first time ever working so closely with women in a creative atmosphere. We went through so much together and it truly brought us together as a united front."

"My goal out of college is to be a product developer for a company that designs women’s plus size clothing zoning in on the athleisure industry," Abbie continued. "Through FIDM, I have been able to build a large array of contacts and mentors who have been able to teach me the business and the way in which the industry works."

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