Graphic Design Students Develop Gaming Projects For Their Key Art Class

Graphic Design Students Develop Gaming Projects for Key Art Class

Students in Key Art: Home Entertainment, the third in a series of three key art courses at FIDM, delved into the world of gaming for their end-of-quarter project and presentation.  

The Bachelor's students in the Graphic Design capstone key art class presented their work yesterday to an industry panel that included Anna Holguin and Jonathan Milian, who are both FIDM Grads and designers at BrandingIron Worldwide, as well as Frank Roller from GlamPR.

Instructor Jorg Wallrabe asked students to create a brand new, never-been-seen set of characters that interact in game format. They were instructed to develop a storyline/concept for a game aimed at a specific target audience and come up with character development, key art, backgrounds, and other creative elements specific to their game, packaging, as well as the assets needed to promote the game.

In addition to the logo development and art for marketing, students had to think about the game play and created environments for the game, as well as interactive marketing activations for promotion. Most of the students took it upon themselves to include also teaser trailers and other motion graphics they were learning at the same time in Kyle Novak's Motion Graphics for Graphic Design course in their pitches.

Pictured: Student work by Conger He.

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