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An illustration of FIDM Creative Director and costume designer Jacqueline SaintAnne

Film & TV Costume Design Creative Director Jacqueline SaintAnne Profiled in Costume Designers Guild Magazine

Costume designer Jacqueline SaintAnne is featured in the Winter 2022 Issue of The Costume Designer, the quarterly magazine published by the Costume Designers Guild. In the article, Jacqueline talks about receiving a call from FIDM four years ago, asking her to become the Creative Director of the Film & TV Costume Design program at the college. “I was deeply honored,” she told the magazine. “It’s a satisfying solution to my longtime desire to infuse costume design education with things I wish I had known when I started designing.”

Born in Panama, Jacqueline and her family lived in the U.S. and Europe, and after earning a masters degree from the Ring Theatre at University of Miami, she went on to design costumes for 65 stage plays, 14 films, 13 television series, 53 movies of the week, and a staggering 61 operas. In addition, she designed over 250 commercials. The Emmy-winning costume designer is President Emeritus of the Costume Designers Guild and won awards such as the Dramalogue and the Los Angeles Theatre Circle Award. 

Read more online at costumedesignersguild.com/magazine, page 44.

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