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Student Leo Reilly Models in Moschino Runway Show

Student Leo Reilly Models in Moschino Runway Show

Los Angeles native, Leo Reilly is studying Fashion Design at FIDM and will soon release his first mini-collection. He models in LA and NY—walked in the Moschino show at Universal Studios Backlot this summer, was part of the Calvin Luo S/S show at NYFW earlier this year, and did a short film for Kenzo. He’s also a musician whose first single comes out in October. We caught up with the talented student to find out more.

Tell us a little about yourself: I’m 20 years old. I’m from LA. And I didn’t know how to snap my fingers until I was in high school. I make music, clothes, and pictures. I’ve been making music for roughly five years and I’m currently signed to a music label here in LA (my first single and music video comes out in October). I’ve been making clothes for a few years as well and I’m almost ready to release my first mini-collection. I have a pet fish named Atticus who is an absolute angel. I can juggle pretty well too if that counts for anything.

Tell us a little about your modeling career and what it’s like to walk in shows such as Moschino: I’ve been modeling for about two years. I did a short film for Kenzo, got scouted while on set for that, and now I have one agency in LA and one in NYC. I enjoy doing it because it’s literally just getting to wear cool clothes and meet cool people. Walking for Moschino was an amazing experience, the theme of the show was basically high fashion Halloween. Everyone was so relaxed and having a good time. Jeremy is also such a sweetheart, so nice working with him.

A funny story about that whole experience is that the day after the first casting I had to stay up all night sewing a dress for draping class, so when I got home I immediately fell asleep. Next thing I know I wake up and check my phone to see that I have about 60 missed calls from my agent, mom, and brother. They were trying to get ahold of me to let me know that I got the job and had to get to the final fitting as soon as I could. So long story short I almost slept through the final fitting for the show hahahahahaha. Close call.

What other shows have you modeled in? I was part of the Calvin Luo S/S show at NYFW 2019 which was fun. There was a lot of flowers and classical music. To walk in runway shows as a male model you usually have to be at least 6’2” or above, and since I’m about 5’11” most of the modeling work I do is editorial and commercial shoots.  

What do you love about the fashion industry? I love the wave of young designers and creatives that are currently pushing the industry to be more eco-friendly and helping to make it standard to sustainably source and manufacture clothes. I also just like wearing and making nice clothes and being around people who are doing the same.

Why did you choose FIDM? I did the FIDM summer program and really enjoyed it, which lead me to apply the following quarter. I also really love living in LA since most of the work I do is here and so is my family.

Favorite class: Fashion Sketching with Nancy Riegelman

What are your career goals and how is FIDM helping you get there? I want to have my music career and fashion career go hand in hand. FIDM is helping me learn about every aspect of being a fashion designer so that I can have a solid understanding of what needs to happen every step of the way. I also want to have a space where people can do concerts, runway shows, pop up shops, really whatever they want—I just want to be able to facilitate a space for people to showcase what they are passionate about.

Any advice for current FIDM Students? Spread out your workload. Your ability to manage your time will determine your experience at FIDM. Also utilize the Library, there’s so much amazing material in there.

Anything else you’d like to share? My artist name is LoveLeo so make sure to listen to my music! My instagram is @bye.loveleo. If you see my walking around, make sure to say hi—I’m the guy with the mustache probably wearing flared pants. :)

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