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Marina Clark

GUESS To Produce Marina Clark's Designs This Fall

After winning the GUESS Scholars Program in 2021, Marina Clark secured an internship in their denim department. Paul Marciano, a founder of GUESS and the current CEO, saw her designs and put them into production. They’ll hit store floors in Fall of 2023. Marina is graduating this year with her A.A. Degree in Fashion Design. We caught up with her to learn more.

Tell us about winning the GUESS Scholarship. What was that like, and what opportunities opened up for you as a result? 

For my entrance project, I designed and sewed a three-look mini collection and collaborated with my friends to shoot a campaign advertising the pieces. From start to finish, I was the designer, patternmaker, sewer, and creative director. Winning the scholarship was incredibly fulfilling after working on the project for so long! This great opportunity is the reason I ended up at FIDM and I am so glad I did. Since winning the GUESS scholarship I’ve moved to Los Angeles, found a creative community, made lifelong friends, and I’m now on track to pursue my dream career of costume design. 

Tell us about your internship at GUESS: 

I was a fashion design intern for GUESS’s denim department. It was amazing to observe every process that goes into creating a denim line. I had the opportunity to sit in on corporate meetings to discuss upcoming trends and really learn who the target customer is. Every process was shown to me, from creating tech packs to fitting samples. I even got to work with raw denim and see firsthand how denim washes are developed. Paul Marciano, a founder of GUESS and the current CEO, saw a few of my designs and liked them enough to put them into production. They’ll hit store floors in Fall of 2023. I’m very grateful to my mentors at GUESS for all the knowledge they shared with me. I am still in contact with them a year later, and they have assisted me with recommendations for other jobs and programs! 

How do you feel FIDM prepared you for what you are doing now? 

FIDM has prepared me with both the technical and communication skills I feel I need to succeed in the industry. We are treated like industry professionals because we have to work on deadlines, produce quality and take creative direction in all the work we do. My most valued skills I’ve gained from FIDM’s curriculum are the hands-on technical sewing and pattern drafting skills. I feel that having a thorough understanding of garment construction will help me in costume design. 

Anything else you’d like to share?

Everywhere I go, I meet fellow FIDM grads in prominent positions in the industry. I feel that there is a tight knit community of FIDM alumni who will uplift and mentor students entering the creative world.

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