FIDM Featured on New Lifestyle Show LA Unscripted

FIDM Featured on New Lifestyle Show LA Unscripted

Fashion Design Co-Chair and NIKOLAKI designer Nick Verreos recently hosted KTLA’s Dayna Devon at the Los Angeles campus for a segment of LA Unscripted, the new weeknight lifestyle show from the local news broadcaster. The half-hour show is dedicated to uncovering the city’s hidden hot spots, trendsetting cuisine, staycation travel tips, Insta-worthy life-hacks, and style-smart secrets. 

The fashion-themed October 20, 2020 episode featured Devon on the hunt for vintage fashion trends before pairing up with co-host Liberté Chan to take on a classic Jane Fonda workout. In the segment filmed at FIDM, Nick challenges Devon to become a fashion designer. He demonstrates two of the fundamentals of fashion design: sketching the 9-headed fashion figure and draping on a dress form. 

The one-on-one class was filled with plenty of fashionable fun. After discussing some of FIDM’s illustrious alumni, such as Monique Lhuillier, Kevan Hall, and Ashton Michael, Verreos shared how FIDM Students are learning remotely during the pandemic. “We collaborated with all our instructors to give you the same learning, with the same instruction, just in a different format,” he said, before teaching Devon to sketch and drape. 

Watch LA Unscripted here.

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