Ofelia Montejano

Instructor is Owner and Designer of Ofelias Fashions

Ofelia Montejano is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. She is owner and designer of Ofelia’s Fashions and a freelance designer.

What do you enjoy most about teaching at FIDM?
It keeps me alert and teaches me patience. It keeps me learning, researching, accepting, compromising, and growing as a teacher, and as an individual. It makes me more creative. I need all that in order to challenge, inspire, mentor, and encourage the students to aim higher than heaven, to step out of their comfort zone, and to create design or product, that to them, seemed impossible to make. When they realize that dream, we both cry of joy and happiness. These moments make me love my job even more.

Ofelia Montejano is an Outstanding Faculty Award Winner, an award given by the student body to outstanding faculty members.

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