Karen Kane

Karen Kane

Fashion Designer

In 1979, Karen Kane and her husband Lonnie launched Karen Kane, Inc. out of their garage in Studio City, California. Over thirty years later, the brand is as strong as ever. Headquartered just outside of Downtown Los Angeles, in the city of Vernon, Karen Kane is sold in most major department stores and over 550 specialty boutiques across the country. Incredibly proud of her alma mater, Karen serves on the Advisory Board at FIDM, and generously offers The Karen Kane Scholarship, providing one student the opportunity to pursue his or her dreams in the fashion industry each year.

How did FIDM help prepare you for the career you have now?
Going to FIDM taught me the essential details about the fashion industry and gave me a foundation to start a company right after graduating from school. I already knew how to sew when I started at FIDM, but learning about design basics and pattern making were huge steps in preparing me for a career right out of school. Understanding those concepts made pursuing my dream a reality.

As one of FIDM's star alumni, why do you value the college and continue to stay in touch over the years?
When I attended FIDM, the school looked nothing like it does today. As an alumna, I find it truly inspiring that the school has grown into what it has become. Since FIDM gave me so much at the beginning of my career, I feel that it's important to stay connected and help students who may have the same doubts and fears I had when I was in school. Supporting the industry's next generation of rising talent is vital to our business' future. The future of fashion is reinvented at FIDM every day – and that's a legacy I'm very proud to be a part of.

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