Carlos Vasquez

Carlos Vasquez

For more than 15 years, designer-turned-instructor Carlos Vasquez has taught and inspired countless FIDM students in the classroom and on the runway.

Do you have a particular style or philosophy about teaching?
My particular style of teaching is to entertain them into learning. My favorite moment is when I see or feel they get what I am trying to teach them. It gives me great joy.

Do you have a favorite class project or lesson?
I love working with the students with regard to fabric and color. Teaching them to take inspiration from the fabrics and see what I can do and not do in terms of silhouette.

What do you enjoy most about teaching at FIDM?
Sharing as much as I can from what I have learned and experienced over the past 36 years as a designer and creative director for large corporations.

Do you have a favorite memory teaching at FIDM?
I am the lucky teacher who gets to mentor students in the fashion portion of the DEBUT show. It is a long and arduous task getting them to understand the reality of the fashion world and how it works. When they do get it and show on the runway, I along with my teaching partner, Carol Sapos, feel such pride in what they have done.

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