B.A. Student Brynne Hustrulid Showcases Her Collection in Google and Levi’s Marketing Event

B.A. Student Brynne Hustrulid Showcases Her Collection in Google and Levi's Marketing Event

Merchandise Product Development Grad Brynne Hustrulid is living in San Francisco, back at FIDM working on her B.A. in Design. She recently had the opportunity to work with Google and Levi’s on a marketing event for their new tech infused jacket. She did a fashion show featuring the Levi's commuter jacket and her clothing line, B.Juliana. We caught up with her to find out more.

Tell us about the project you did with Google and Levi's: The Google/Levi’s project was such a great experience. Ruth Ritchie, an amazing Career Advisor here at the San Francisco campus connected me with another FIDM alum. She is working with a tech company called B8ta who was hosting an event for Google and Levi’s. These two companies partnered on developing the new Levi’s Commuter Jacket which is a tech infused jacket that has some functionality of an Apple watch. You sync this jacket to your phone and can set controls via the app to turn on music, skip a song, get navigation, count your steps and more. Super cool! They then reached out to me to do a fashion show with them as a marketing event for the new jacket.

They wanted to display the jacket with other clothing like what B.Juliana has to offer. B.Juliana is a custom women's clothing line which focuses each collection on a common theme and collaborates with other charities and companies working around this theme. This go around was called Rebloom which celebrates fashion blooming into tech, celebrating a charity called Two Wings which helps women bloom into their new lives, and B.Juliana's line with spring blooming into summer.

We custom curate each piece and focus on creating quality dresses, matching sets and other pieces to make each woman feel confident and also encourage discussion and education toward the charities at each event. We want a beautiful celebration of the community and feeling/looking great!

There will be another show coming up, which I will be posting about on my Instagram and website. Very excited to continue showing more of the brand!

Why did you choose FIDM? Designing and getting into the fashion industry always excited me. I remember FIDM coming to my high school, and learning more about the college then. Since I learned more about the college I had been zoned in on excelling and continuing to learn more. FIDM has a lot to offer and is an environment in which you have to put the effort into, which I think is so important!

What went into your decision to continue with your Bachelor's at FIDM? I actually took three years to work in the industry and gained amazing experience with a design studio in the Fashion District of DTLA and then at Vans Corporate office on the product development team. I loved working there and am so grateful for the experience, it is definitely a company I would love to work for again. But I decided to come back to school to get my B.A. because I wanted to switch over to the design side instead of product development. I have loved learning more about myself as a designer and am excited to continue developing and making progress.

Any advice for current FIDM Students? Follow what you feel is best for yourself! Any experience you go through will help and allow you to grow. I was very nervous to quit the path I was on as a graduate at 21 years old and felt I may have been going backwards. But as soon as I trusted myself in doing that I have gotten amazing experiences including three fashion shows, getting my company B.Juliana up and gradually going, as well as working with Google, Levi’s, Macy’s, Public Works, Two Wings, and other creatives with photo shoots.

What is your biggest goal right now? I will be finished with my B.A. program at this time next year. I want to be more consistent with my collections and have a good start to the brand by the time I am graduating. My goal is to work with charities each collection and get more marketing to them so I would love to have those relationships built as well.

Anything else you’d like to share? I love meeting new people, working with others, or helping wherever I can. So don't be shy to reach out!

Follow Bachelor’s student Brynne Hustrulid on IG @brynnejuliana and @shop_b.juliana.

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