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Get Your MBA at FIDM Los Angeles

Get Your MBA at FIDM Los Angeles

FIDM's new Master of Business Administration Program prepares academically qualified students to compete in the global creative, consumer, and design-focused industries. Whether you choose to enter the corporate world or undertake an entrepreneurial venture, you'll be equipped with the necessary analytical, planning, and management tools, ethical understanding, and leadership skills for success. We recently caught up with Department Chair George Sims, Ph.D to learn more about the MBA Program. 

What makes FIDM's MBA Program different from others? The Master of Business Administration degree at FIDM offers a professionally-oriented curriculum, combining theory and practical application, and incorporating a broad range of integrated interdisciplinary areas of study. The program involves a strong and distinctive emphasis on innovative business development design concepts with broad global consideration and the enhancement of entrepreneurial creativity.

The program is supported by a diverse and experienced faculty who bring multinational business experience and a continuing professional presence in current business involvement. Students will discover, analyze, develop, and deliver innovative solutions to current real-world business scenarios and entrepreneurial proposals. This will occur through an in depth framework of interactive current case study analyses and the application of strategic design thinking and structured methodological approach to enhancement of financial performance.

Who can apply to the MBA Program? Students must have a bachelor’s degree and a degree from FIDM. The program is 5 quarters. The first quarter is a “pre-MBA” quarter for students whose bachelor’s degree is from another institution or from FIDM, but not the Bachelor of Science in Business Management. If the interested student is not a FIDM BUMT graduate, the pre-MBA quarter will prepare the student for the rigors of the MBA program. If the student does have the BS/Bus Mgmt from FIDM, they will go directly into the MBA curriculum in quarter two. The actual MBA degree program is a four quarter program. The first “Pre-MBA” quarter will be the summer quarter 2017 and the first actual MBA program begins fall 2017.

What are some of the benefits and highlights of the program? The FIDM MBA curriculum is the result of, and built upon, a professional business faculty bring business currency into the program. The program is not silo in structure (i.e. the entire curriculum is integrated under one management function). Each FIDM MBA student will be individually mentored through the program by a dedicated faculty member. The business faculty recognizes the unique creative nature of the FIDM Student in structuring their individual curricular contributions. The FIDM MBA graduate will have earned three degrees upon graduation which will place them in a stronger competitive position when seeking employment.

What are you most excited about in regards to the new program? The FIDM MBA program contains a very strong focus on global business innovation. The study of logistics management in the garment and apparel industries is unique in the business world. FIDM MBA graduates that understand this management function will have significant advantage over graduates from other programs. The FIDM MBA program is structured as a cohort journey enhancing stronger capacity for team building and management leadership. Students will experience actual business diagnostic forensics in their final capstone experience in support of a real world business structure.  

What else would you tell students considering applying to the program? Design and creativity in business have become the most important leadership competency for the successful enterprise of the future and are imperatives for competing on a global stage in highly competitive markets. Successful new business opportunities come from creating innovative ways to be competitive. The MBA Program curriculum will allow the graduate to plan, organize, direct, and control an organization’s activities. It will prepare them to demonstrate that they are well informed about the problems that will be faced in a business organization.

The student will recognize this goal in the final capstone thesis requirement. This is a culminating experience that provides tangible evidence that the graduate has mastered and integrated the learning outcomes described for the program. This activity analyzes various operational management tools and styles, studies in leadership, management’s changing landscape in today’s global economy, making decisions and solving problems, designing effective organizations, and fundamentals of organizational control. The results of the capstone presentation will provide an example of work that can be used to demonstrate proficiency as a potential manager and leader in the business community.


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