Master of Business Administration Degree (MBA)

Earn Your MBA from the West Coast’s Leading Design College

An innovative post-graduate MBA degree for students who want to start their own companies or be a part of management teams in the Fashion, Interior Design, and Entertainment industries. In MBA classes, students gain a real world understanding of global economics and finance as they collaborate on case study projects with companies including Forever 21, Mattel, NBCUniversal, Oakley, and Stila.

A Closer Look

The Master of Business Administration Program offers a professionally oriented graduate school curriculum combining theory and practical application incorporating a broad range of integrated interdisciplinary areas of study. The program involves strong and distinctive emphasis on innovative business development design concepts with broad global consideration and the enhancement of entrepreneurial creativity.

The MBA program prepares the graduate to enter, compete, and succeed in the global business areas of Fashion, Interior Design, and Entertainment. Whether entering the corporate world or undertaking an entrepreneurial venture, the FIDM Graduate will be equipped with the necessary business analytical, planning and management tools; ethical understanding; and leadership skills to be successful.

FIDM offers educational opportunities through distance education. Colleges offering the opportunity to take classes outside of their state must be authorized, or exempt from authorization for each state in which they offer those courses. No assumptions of availability should be made on the part of the student until checking with FIDM's Admissions or Student Advisement Departments.

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