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Tina Perez FIDM Faculty

Instructor Was VP of Global Marketing at Markwins Beauty Products

Tina Perez is a beauty industry specialist with extensive experience in domestic and international beauty care. She has developed and executed highly effective marketing, communication and brand strategies for leading beauty brands including wet n wild, Schwarzkopf & Dep, and Revlon. She has taught at FIDM for over eight years and has also been an adjunct instructor at Pepperdine University, Emerson College, Mt. San Antonio College, and Long Beach City College.

“Having taught seven different classes during my time at FIDM, it is very hard to pick just one favorite project. However, it is easy to tell you what makes a project an amazing experience. For me, it is the process of giving the student a project at the beginning of a quarter and seeing the blank look in their eyes and their insecurity about being able to take it on and then watch them progress over the next 10 weeks to the point of creating something that is strong, creative, impressive and a finished project they are incredibly proud of. Being a very hands-on program, I see this over and over. It's exhilarating to work with students who blossom when challenged, and who take the time to push themselves to do better, to fix and learn, to rewrite, redesign, replan, and reposition what started pretty rough around the edges into something that shines bright. That's when I know I get the greatest satisfaction.”

Tina Perez is an Outstanding Faculty Award Winner, an award given by the student body to outstanding faculty members.

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