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Thurlene Anderson

Thurlene Anderson

Thurlene Anderson incorporates consultation and promotion of evolving library technologies and trends in reference, instruction, and outreach to faculty and students as FIDM Library’s Specialist, Instructional Services. She’s also General Studies faculty in the Bachelor and MBA programs. When not playing with family, attending an opera or concert, you may find her in the ocean racing an outrigger canoe.

“This is the most reading I’ve ever done in my life,” comments a student in my Multicultural Perspectives through the Short Story course. “And how has that prepared you for your career, and the rest of your life?” is my follow-up question. Teaching provides application of new skills to real life challenges. Students may not believe that they like to read; however, may discover that this discipline transfers well to the many business reports and marketing research that they will have to process, synthesize, and apply as a future thought leader in their industry. I think of a classroom as ideation space, and it’s important to me that students understand that they’re learning critical conceptual tools to take with them into the marketplace. I remind them that achievement of the course’s student and program learning outcomes enable them to be hirable and promotable. Leaders have the ability to comprehend and communicate material well. Companies and corporations count valuable those who are able to develop comfort with idea manipulation and presentation. I use the word develop on purpose, as very few are gifted with this as a natural talent. However, I do believe that anyone can learn when provided with teaching that encourages open forum discussion and leads to concrete application. With a type of Socratic methodology, I’m delighted, as are students, when they are able to take course material, make connections, and draw conclusions on their own. Music to the ears of a general studies instructor is when one hears, “I really liked that story.” My reply: “Now go out there in your industry and write well your own story.”

FIDM students inspire and challenge me with comfort to color outside of the lines, be attuned to popular culture, and to always have fun. I strive to surprise them in a positive way, which then stimulates their own thinking and understanding of cultures and a world that doesn’t operate in black and white.

My favorite follow-up:
An email from a former student sometime after they graduate thanking me for a life skill that they learned while in my classroom. One student’s reiteration was a quote from Oscar Wilde that I shared in the last class session, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” And, let's not forget the occasional sweet words, "You were right!"

Thurlene Anderson is an Outstanding Faculty Award Winner, an award given by the student body to outstanding faculty members.

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