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Photo of 3 Laura Vivienne dresses side by side. From left to right: pale pink strapless gown, black floor length gown with gauzy tiered skirt, hot pink strapless with slit up the side

Instructor Laura Jenkins' Laura Vivienne Line To Be Featured In Orange County Fashion Week

Laura Jenkins’ life took an abrupt left turn when she decided to pack up her things and move to Los Angeles to attend FIDM at age 30. She’s been working in the industry nonstop ever since graduation, including returning to FIDM as an instructor in Merchandise Product Development and starting her own brand, Laura Vivienne. Laura describes the line’s aesthetic as “alive, dramatic, and elegant. As the founder, I want the gowns to feel fun and lively while at the same time, bringing out the soul of the woman wearing them. Emotional pieces designed with love and depth with an inspiration from life.”

Laura’s line appeared in Vanity Fair UK and on the red carpet at the Creative Arts Emmys, and she’s just getting started. She’s now been invited to show her latest dress designs at 2022’s Orange County Fashion Week. We checked in with this talented designer to learn more. 

How did this opportunity come about? I've been dreaming of the runway since I was young, so when Orange County Fashion Week reached out to me via Instagram to show my collection this September, it was a dream come true!
What designs will you be showing? Will you be designing anything new for the show? I will be showing 8 pieces, mostly gowns! One or two cocktail dresses. And introducing two new styles!
What are some of the things you consider when getting ready to participate in a regional show like this? This is my first one, so I am learning how to prepare as I go. I recently attended the designer photo shoot and model castings. Both were so inspiring in preparation for the runway.
Where and when is the show? The show is Saturday, September 10th from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. at World Peace Lake in Aliso Viejo, CA.
How did FIDM help prepare you for your career?  FIDM taught me so much about the foundation of the fashion industry. The process of an idea into reality!
Anything else you’d like to share? I’m looking forward to growing Laura Vivienne into the brand I dream it to be more and more in the next few years!
Keep up with Laura Vivienne on their Instagram @lauraviviennedresses.

For tickets to the show at OC Fashion Week, visit eventbrite.com.

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