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Portrait of Jayanti Khan

Innovation and Determination: Vice Chairperson Jayanti Khan Chauhan's Path to Industry Triumph

Jayanti Khan Chauhan's journey from FIDM to industry success is a testament to her unwavering determination and innovative mindset. Her experience at FIDM played a pivotal role in shaping her professional trajectory. Reflecting on her time at FIDM, Jayanti shared, "The experience at FIDM exposed me to an entirely different educational atmosphere. I had never been in an environment like FIDM where students and professors could have an open dialogue, and one's point of view was valued."

During her time at FIDM, Jayanti worked on a creative project that left a lasting impact on her career. She chose to develop a perfume, meticulously crafting not only the scent but also the design of the bottle and packaging. Jayanti emphasized that this project ignited her passion, and she continues to apply the principles and insights she acquired from this process in her current ventures.

Challenges have been a part of Jayanti's career, particularly in recruiting like-minded individuals who share a deep understanding of the nuances of creative business. However, her experiences at FIDM, where she found the teachers and students to be warm and welcoming, equipped her with the independence and problem-solving skills to navigate obstacles. She shared, "Being part of the school and that learning led me to think for myself and be logical and organized. These qualities, honed during my time at the school, have proven to be invaluable assets in my professional life."

The knowledge and skills gained at FIDM have been instrumental in Jayanti's ability to stay innovative and ahead of industry trends. The principles she learned extend widely, allowing her to apply them across various facets of business. Jayanti emphasized, "The teachings have proved to be versatile and applicable across diverse sectors for myself."

FIDM's focus on creative thinking and encouragement to think big have prepared Jayanti to pursue her own ventures. She vividly remembers a senior faculty member's words during orientation day, "Don't limit yourself; always think big, and reach for the stars." This mantra has resonated with her throughout her career, inspiring her to embrace new opportunities and think creatively.

The concepts learned, specifically in her marketing and branding classes, have played a significant role in Jayanti's career success. Innovation, attention to detail, out-of-the-box thinking, and generating original ideas have been instrumental to her achievements. Jayanti advises current students, saying, "Pay close attention to the lectures and the wealth of knowledge imparted by the faculty. Embrace the inspiring atmosphere of the City of Angels, as it can lead you on the path you truly seek."

Jayanti Khan Chauhan's journey from FIDM to industry triumph is an inspiring testament. Her story serves as an inspiration to aspiring creatives and entrepreneurs, highlighting the power of education, creativity, and perseverance in achieving remarkable success.

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