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screenshot of a student design in CLO 3D software avatar wears miniskirt and crop shirt

CLO 3D Software Designers Visit FIDM For Final Student Presentations

CLO 3D Software Design Lead Joy Douglas and 3D Designer Yumi Chon visited FIDM recently to see students give their final presentations for 3D Apparel Design (MPDV 2250), and offer expert industry feedback. Taught by FIDM Instructor Dat Tran, the course is offered to students in two majors: Merchandise Product Development and Apparel Industry Management. Throughout the quarter, students Fernando Higuera, Christian Martin, Maria Villegas, Olivia Ferguson, Jared Rezeppa, and Heather Seaton were challenged to use the 3D fashion design software program to design, create, and alter true-to-life 3D garments on avatars.


FIDM Student Heather Seaton fashion designs in CLO 3D software

Designs | FIDM Student Heather Seaton

Utilized by most major fashion retailers across North America and globally, including Adidas, Hugo Boss, Carhartt, and Levi's, CLO 3D software allows designers to create virtual, true-to-life garment visualization with simulation technologies so they can perfect their fashion design ideas before they go into production. “Using the CLO 3D skills and knowledge as their foundation, the students were able to let their design inspiration go quite far,” said FIDM Instructor Dat Tran.

FIDM Student Christian Martin fashion designs in CLO 3D software

Designs | FIDM Student Christian Martin

The CLO guests dropped in to see how our students are learning and applying the software in their design projects. They shared tips and tricks about the program, as well as offered feedback on the student presentations. “I am very pleased with the work I've seen FIDM students create and looking forward to continuing to partner with the incredible FIDM instructors,” said CLO Design Lead Joy Douglas. We caught up with them to learn more.

FIDM Student Fernando Higuera fashion designs in CLO 3D software

Designs | FIDM Student Fernando Higuera

What did you think of the work the students presented? Any takeaways? 

Joy Douglas: I was very impressed by all the students' work. They all did an excellent job mastering the concepts in such a short amount of time and they all should be extremely proud of themselves. I am looking forward to seeing how they continue to push their understanding of 3D apparel on their future projects going forward.

Yumi Chon: I was impressed with all the student's presentations. It's amazing to see how much they have learned in this course in such a short amount of time. I'm excited to see them advance more into CLO!

FIDM Student Olivia Ferguson fashion designs in CLO 3D software

Designs | FIDM Student Olivia Ferguson

What stood out to you in terms of their designs and use of CLO?

Joy Douglas: CLO really seemed to help the student understand the importance of designing 3 dimensionally because it helped them understand how their concepts would reflect when viewed from different perspectives. As a result some of the students were able to make more informed decisions and develop new techniques from their ideas.

Yumi Chon: I really loved seeing the students push themselves in this new realm to use mixed materials files, experiment with pattern making, and use personal artwork in their designs and presentations. 

FIDM Student Maria Villegas fashion designs in CLO 3D software

Designs | FIDM Student Maria Villegas

Why is it important for students in fashion design, apparel technical design, and product development to learn CLO?

Joy Douglas: Learning CLO is becoming crucial to the design process. 3D apparel is a unified language that allows designers from all skill sets and backgrounds to be able to communicate their projects without the traditional barriers such a language, physical resources, or location. In addition, CLO allows designers to make more informed decisions faster, which I believe will allow designers to be more innovative with how they design.

Yumi Chon: Not only is CLO currently being used in the industry, but it's a great tool for students to understand how garments are constructed and how to translate their ideas and concepts in their future careers. I hope that CLO will encourage students to create more mindful designs.

FIDM Student Jared Rezeppa fashion designs in CLO 3D software

Designs | FIDM Student Jared Rezeppa

You mentioned there is a way to identify which fabric the student is using. Velvet was used as an example. What are some other things every fashion design student is going to love and be thrilled they learned on the software, that's going to make their renderings stand out?

Joy Douglas: 3D is pretty limitless. I was just scratching the surface with velvet fabric in the software. I think as a design student starts to gain proficiency in CLO, they will start to explore more advanced concepts that will allow them to really showcase their entire concept and design story. Some topics designers opt to explore after creating apparel projects include: high quality rendering, custom posing, importing custom avatars, animations and much more. I encourage any designer who is hungry for more ways to push their work, to be curious and continue exploring all the possibilities CLO has to offer.

Main Image Design | FIDM Student Jared Rezeppa

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