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FIDM Instructor Louise Wallace

Instructor is Childrenswear Brand and Product Manager

Louise Wallace brings real-world experience to the classroom

Childrenswear Brand and Product Manager Louise Wallace has 32 years of experience in the industry. She studied Fashion Design at Los Angeles Trade Technical College and she was most recently the Director of Operations for the retailer Girl Mania and was Product Development Manager at Guild, Inc., Greaten Corp, and Kahn Lucas Lancaster. She joined FIDM’s faculty in 2006 in the Associates and Bachelor's in Apparel Technical Design programs where she developed the curriculum for courses she has taught, such as Preproduction for Apparel, Advanced Preproduction, Production & Sourcing Strategies, Retail Environment, Global Supply Chain & Logistics, Design Thinking, and Product Lifecycle Management, among others.  

In what ways do FIDM students benefit from your professional experience and connections in the industry? I hope that I can spark the same passion I have always had about the industry and that they will find this passion as well with their career paths. I've had the opportunity to wear a lot of different hats throughout my career and was always willing to step up to the challenge.

Describe your teaching philosophy: Always show me your best efforts and I am here to support you any way I can on your journey to success.  

What is a favorite class project? Probably Design Thinking 4600 and 4850 and MRCH 2770 Case Studies although 2400 and 2800 are the ones I try to send a message to the students that these are the foundation of their careers as product developers. I really love them all. I enjoy the opportunity to teach different classes from one quarter to the next. It never gets boring!

Louise Wallace is an Outstanding Faculty Award Winner, an award given by the student body to outstanding faculty members.

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