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Cassidy Sobey Finishes Up Internship at Ungaro in Paris

Cassidy Sobey Finishes Up Internship at Ungaro in Paris

Born and raised in Northern California, Cassidy Sobey is starting her second year at FIDM as an Apparel Industry Management Student, with plans to continue in the International Manufacturing & Product Development Program (IMPD) and then her Bachelor's in Business Management. She just finished up an internship at Ungaro in Paris.

Tell us about your internship this summer at Ungaro: I worked in the PR office in Ungaro. I learned how fashion companies deal with clients, how stylists requests for looks from their collections, and how a fashion show is organized/the behind the scenes of it all.

What were your responsibilities? At my job, I worked in the PR office as an assistant to my PR bosses. My main jobs were to create loan forms and packages for requests for certain looks from recent Ungaro collections, make sure the show rooms were neat and clean, and do odd jobs that needed to be done in the office (like organize all their magazines they had collected over the years). I also helped with the fashion show by being a helping hand for anyone that needed help with something.

What did you love the most about it? What I loved the most about my job is being able to be more hands on with the team. Since the company I worked for was small, I had more responsibilities and got to learn more from the people that I worked with. I loved the people that I worked with too because they really invited me in and they were very knowledgeable about the industry itself.

Any challenges? The most challenging part of the internship would be learning my main job. The task of fulfilling a request for a client is easy, but there are lots of little steps that are involved, such as making a proforma if the items need to be sent out of Europe or keeping track of the items on another file.

Anything you learned that is shaping your course of action in your career? My internship made me realize how much you can learn, making me want to explore more of the fashion industry and what it has to offer. I'm not sure if I want to do PR in the future, but I'm glad that I have a better understanding of it.

Where will you intern next? I am not sure yet. I'm going to take this quarter off to refocus on school and to figure out what I want to do next.

Anything else you’d like to share? Overall, I loved my internship and I would definitely recommend students to do internships to gain more knowledge about the fashion industry.

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