FabFitFun Recruiter Jennifer Weiser Visits LA Campus

FabFitFun Recruiter Jennifer Weiser Visits LA Campus

Jennifer Weiser from FabFitFun visited the LA campus this week as a guest speaker in Premier Merchandising & Marketing a group of elite students who have access to special networking events. Weiser has worked in recruiting for over a year at the beauty/fashion subscription box service company, and shared with the students business insights and interviewing tips.

FabFitFun started as a newsletter in 2011 has become a 4x/year women’s seasonal subscription box of amazing products, plus tons of added value in terms of published content and community, with a million subscribers.

The company offers products for sale on their website, which has become a substantial part of their business. They post content for their community, such as workout videos, guided meditations, and cooking videos. They’ve also launched their own brands, including beauty brand, ISH, which stands for I’m Smokin Hot; Summer & Rose, a Venice Beach inspired fashion and accessories line; and a barware line called Chic & Tonic.

Their company is growing like crazy. They hired a ton last year and continue to grow exponentially. In fact, they outgrew their space in West Hollywood and have moved some of their teams into the Pacific Design Center down the street.

On the cutting edge of development, FabFitFun works with influencers to design products. They are constantly developing new business verticals and it’s a very exciting place to work...and fun! In terms of some of their department silos, they have creative, marketing, merchandising, and technology. 

The marketing team handles consumer insights (data), customer acquisition (paid ads), and editorial marketing (blog news, email marketing, social media, and talent partnerships/influencer marketing). The merchandising team manages brand partnerships and buying for fashion, beauty, home, and technology. Also under the merchandising arm is the ecommerce team and product development, which has its own graphic designers and copywriters.

They hire interns every semester, all paid opportunities. Since Summer 2018 they’ve hired a ton of their interns into full-time positions. Jennifer’s tips for how to have a good interview? Have questions prepared. For example, ask what’s made someone successful in the position for which you’re interviewing. And ask about opportunities for career growth the company.

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