Whitney Bonrud

Whitney Bonrud

Social Media instructor, Whitney Bonrud, has a BS degree in PR and Marketing from St. Cloud State University. She has worked as a senior marketing manager of content and SEO at Dollar Shave Club and as a social communications strategist at leading global advertising agency, Droga5, and is currently the senior brand manager at Parachute Home.

Describe a favorite class project:
This would have to be "Meme Day." On this day, I have a Creative Director who also moonlights as a meme influencer come in to share his experience. And, together he and I teach, assign and review student-made memes in class. No rules. Anything goes. No judgement. Creativity wins. Oh the laughs!

Do you have a particular style or philosophy about teaching?
Learn While Doing. I remember being talked at a lot at University. And, not a lot registered. It wasn't until I got my hands on applicable experience that I could begin to master my skill. That's why I run my class like a workshop. We research, we discuss, we hear POVs from those in the industry and we practice. And we repeat that formula every week. I believe in being able to learn for ourselves, form our own opinions and communicate them clearly. And me talking at my students will only keep them from learning those very important skills.

Do you have a favorite memory teaching at FIDM?
My favorite FIDM memory happened the last day of my very first class, SMED2920. We finished class presentations, my students looked back at me and we collectively couldn't believe our Saturday 6-hour days were at an end. And, one-by-one as they exited the classroom, I got a hug from each and every one of them.

What do you enjoy most about teaching at FIDM?
My students. Wow, have I been lucky to get to know my students. Their ability to engage and share their point of view has been so energizing. The thoughtfulness is truly inspiring.

Whitney Bonrud is an Outstanding Faculty Award Winner, an award given by the student body to outstanding faculty members.

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