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Tom Henkenius

Department Chair is Emmy Award-Winning Journalist

Meet storytelling and content expert Tom Henkenius

Tom Henkenius is an Emmy award-winning journalist and a distinguished graduate of USC’s Iovine and Andre Young Academy. With a decade-long tenure in television news and the launch of his own production company, Tom's journey is marked by exceptional achievements.

As the Department Chair of Beauty Business Management, Beauty Marketing and Product Development, Business Management, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Visual Communications, and the MBA at FIDM, Tom is a visionary leader shaping the next generation of digital marketing professionals.

Tom is the principal partner of Thunder Communications, a content strategy, and production powerhouse. With a passion for integrating design and technology to drive business outcomes, Tom's innovative solutions have made him a sought-after advisor for startup ventures, including the ScholarRise initiative.

Tom's academic journey includes a Master of Science degree from USC's Iovine and Young Academy, further solidifying his expertise in Integrated Design, Business, and Technology. His commitment to excellence and transformative leadership have positioned him as a key influencer in the field of digital marketing and beyond.

Categories:  Digital Marketing Faculty