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Instructor Victoria Hunter

Victoria Hunter

Merchandise Product Development instructor Victoria Hunter is the founder of Hunter Publishing Corporation, a company that specializes in fashion education materials.

After moving from the U.K. to Southern California thirteen years ago, she attended FIDM, completing the two-year Fashion Design program and winning Student of the Year. She was then awarded a full Bob Mackie Scholarship to FIDM's acclaimed Advanced Study Fashion Design program, which culminates in the DEBUT Runway Show. She worked for two children's clothing lines, Spunky Punk and Porky Pies, before launching her publishing company.

How does your experience in the industry help you as an instructor?
“When I worked for Spunky Punk and Porky Pies, I had my hand in everything from design and sourcing to marketing and sales. I'm able to draw on this knowledge. In the process of writing and compiling fashion textbooks and materials, I'm able to hone my skills in clearly conveying various steps and techniques.”

Describe a favorite class project:
“My favorite project in the Classification & Line Development class is when students develop the theme they chose for their line. I like to think of the design process as being like a recipe, certain ingredients have to be included for it to work but the 'secret ingredient' is the student's own ideas and interpretations.”

What do you enjoy most about teaching at FIDM?
“I get a real sense of pride in what I do. This comes from a combination of many things; from the friendship and support I receive from faculty and staff to the school's reputation in the industry. Of course, there is no better feeling than having a student tell you that you helped them in some way! ”

Do you have a teaching style or philosophy?
“Yes, definitely. My style is to give very detailed instructions, clear directions, lots of samples, and inspirational fuel. I focus on the end result: the target customer, the portfolio piece, or whatever is needed, and always try to be a valuable resource to the students.”

Victoria Hunter is an Outstanding Faculty Award winner, an award given by the student body to outstanding faculty members.

Please Note: The information contained herein was confirmed at the time of original publication.

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