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Esther Gaor Participates in Fibershed Zero Waste Design Challenge

Esther Gaor Participates in Fibershed Zero Waste Design Challenge

Fashion Design student Esther Grace Gaor was one of four students chosen to participate in the Fibershed Zero Waste Design Challenge this year. Each student was awarded 3.5 yards of Fibershed Certified Climate Beneficial™ wool fabric, and challenged to create patterns that would make use of approximately 95% of the allotted fabric yardage. Esther, who has own fashion brand based out of the Philippines, Esther Gaor Couture, also recently participated as a designer in the FIDM x HBO Max collaboration for the Genera+ion Un-Fashion Showcase, creating a custom-made look inspired by a central character in the series. We caught up with the designer to learn more about her journey.

Tell us about the Fibershed Design Challenge: The Fibershed Design Challenge invites creative individuals to develop zero waste garments that promote functional design, no fabric waste, and longevity of use. I decided to create oversize garments that have adjustable features so multiple people with different sizes can wear them over a long period of time.

What is something you learned by participating in the Fibershed Design Challenge? This challenge gave me the opportunity to explore my ability to create zero waste patterns. I was able to create six designs for my entry submission which I turned into a mini collection. Before FIDM, I barely knew anything about sustainability and when I heard of scholarship programs with FIDM x CottonWorks I joined so I could understand sustainable fashion in depth. I was able to submit my projects and won as a finalist for the cotton and sustainable fashion program, and second place for Beyond Cotton Fundamentals 2. I plan to use the knowledge I gained from creating zero-waste patterns in our presentation for the FIDM x GUESS (Change the Blue Footprint Program). And hopefully, one day, create my own sustainable fashion brand.

Why FIDM and how did you choose your major? To take the ordinary and make it remarkable, a short but potent phrase that ignited my love for fashion. When I was young, I always got hand-me-down clothes from my sister and I would try things to re-style them and make them my own. I decided to take programs for fashion design so I could continue to create garments without limitations. People saw my creations and I turned it into a business in the Philippines, Esther Gaor Couture. Fashion is continuously progressing and I know that I need to learn more and upgrade my skills so I decided to move to San Francisco and found FIDM. FIDM became a launching pad for me to push myself and discover skills I never knew I had. I am now more confident than ever that I can pursue my dreams of becoming a fashion designer.
What are your career goals and how is FIDM helping you get there? With my desire to learn, I graduated from Fashion Institute of the Philippines, finished my online program at Parsons New School, and will be graduating Fashion Design at FIDM. With fierce determination and tenacity to deliver at my highest capabilities and standards, I constantly push myself to evolve into the version I envision for myself. FIDM helped me develop the skills I need in this industry, and introduced to me software I never used before that enables me to translate my ideas into boards and presentations so people can also understand my process. FIDM's connections have also helped me get numerous interviews and job offers in the fashion industry and I can't wait till I get the right work for me.

Follow Esther Gaor on Instagram @missesthergaor and @esthergaorcouture.

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