Student Returns to Texas as an Essential Worker

Student Returns to Texas as an Essential Worker

While growing up in Houston, Texas, Susan Brown always had a love for fashion. She studied fashion design in high school and placed first in the state and third in the nation in FCCLA’s Fashion Design competition. Susan also won FIDM Fashion Club’s High School Junior Scholarship Competition and received a full-year of tuition to attend the college. We recently chatted with the current Fashion Design Student who returned to Texas during the Covid-19 outbreak where she is an essential worker at the supermarket H-E-B while studying online.

What led you to move back to Texas during the Covid-19 pandemic? My job in Los Angeles closed due to everything going on and I had a job in Houston at H-E-B where I just celebrated my three year anniversary of working there last week. I also wanted to spend this time with my family and fiancé who live there too.  
What challenges do you face as an essential worker? I’m just thankful to have a job during this time. The minor things are really just the inconvenience of wearing the mask all day and not being able to really connect with the customers as much. But I completely understand that it’s the best and I’m so thankful that H-E-B has taken the precautions they have to keep their partners as safe as possible!

Are you taking online classes right now? Yes, I have been. I’m trying to finish in December like I planned. Sometimes things don’t always go as planned and it’s important to focus on the things you can control rather than the things you can’t!

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