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The Business of Denim Instructor and FIDM Grad Naomi Goez Speaks at Sustainability Event in LA

The Business of Denim Instructor and FIDM Grad Naomi Goez Speaks at Sustainability Event in LA

The Business of Denim Instructor Naomi Goez, who is currently a Product Specialist at Joe's Jeans, recently appeared on a sustainability panel at Innovation Celebration 2020 hosted by Tencel and Artisan Cloth Inc. in Downtown Los Angeles. The event was covered by industry publications such as California Apparel News, Sportswear International, and Rivet. Born in Israel and raised in Canada, Naomi received a B.A. degree in Professional Studies with a specialization in International Manufacturing & Product Development and A.A. degree in Apparel Industry Management from FIDM. 

The third annual Innovation Celebration brought LA's denim community together for drinks, networking, and camaraderie. Held at Artisan Cloth Inc.'s showroom in the Arts District of Downtown L.A., the event focused on the intersection of sustainability and creativity with casual discussions and small panels. Topics included water saving, social impact, industry transparency, and the consumer value of environmentally responsible denim. 

Naomi, who has taught a course in Sustainability in the Product Lifecycle at FIDM, spoke alongside Atelier & Repairs Co-Founder Maurizio Donadi and Tavex Fabric Mill Director Mike Daniel. She said the work on sustainability is just the beginning. “At this point, we truly rely on one another for information. I encourage brands, suppliers and manufacturers to form true relationships with each other," she said, according to Apparel News.

"Don’t accept things at face value, like, ‘Oh, this is great because we use synthetic stones.’ Ask more questions. ‘What chemicals do you use?’ ‘What chemicals do you have access to?’ Find out who that supplier is,” she said. “At the end of the day, it’s about forming very close relationships throughout all tiers of the supply chain, which is something that we’ve never done before.”

Serving on a different panel at this event were FIDM Students Ellie Smith, Reanne Wang, and Erin Schulenberg.

Keep up with Naomi Goez on Instagram @callmenaomig.


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