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Morgan Kaptain

Instructor is in Business Development at Roberts Beauty

After earning a degree at Rutgers University, instructor Morgan Kaptain received a degree in Beauty Marketing & Product Development from FIDM. Since graduating, she’s gone on to work for various beauty brands, including Stila Cosmetics, DayNa Decker, and Roberts Beauty.

Describe a favorite class project:
I have loved all the projects in my classes at FIDM but my favorite is the Fundamentals of Fragrance project. The students have to create a brand extension for a Fine Fragrance and I love seeing what the students come up with for the concept, design and even the names of their fragrances. They really get to use their creative side and the knowledge learned in class to come up with an amazing pitch for a Fine Fragrance Launch for a brand that doesn't currently have one.

Do you have a particular style or philosophy about teaching?
I have always been very real with students; my goal as their instructor is not only to teach them the topics and details of our course but really to prepare them for their career and help them truly understand how the work environment feels and how they will be applying everything we learn in class to their job someday.

Do you have a favorite memory teaching at FIDM?
My Favorite FIDM memories are hearing that students tell me they are using everything they learned in my classes at their jobs and how they had the confidence in a meeting to speak up on a topic because they learned it in my classes. It is the best feeling to know that students are learning and retaining the information we go through in class.

What do you enjoy most about teaching at FIDM?
Mentoring students! I love seeing my former students/fellow Alumni (FIDM class of '04!) success in the beauty industry. I love seeing the excitement in their eyes and voices when they tell me about their job opportunities and I love being able to help guide them in the right direction if they need it.

Morgan Kaptain is an Outstanding Faculty Award Winner, an award given by the student body to outstanding faculty members.

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