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Concordia University Irvine

Course Equivalency Guide

Show courses by FIDM degree:
FIDM Course Concordia University Irvine Course
BUAD 2000 Organizational Behavior & Management*MGT 327 Organizational Behavior
BUMT 3100 Ethics in BusinessBUS 483 Business Ethics
BUMT 3820 Business LawBUS 251 Legal Environment of Business
GNST 1040 English CompositionWRT 102 Writing and Research
GNST 1080 Drawing Fundamentals*ART 201 Drawing I
GNST 1230 Color & Design TheoryART 251 Design
GNST 1450 College Mathematics*MTH 201 Principles of Math (or higher)
GNST 1600 Effective SpeakingCOM 111 Public Speaking
GNST 1650 Critical Thinking*WRT 201 The Art of the Essay
GNST 2020 Survey of Western Art I*ART 311 Art History 1A
GNST 2220 History of DesignARTG 300 History of Graphic Design
GNST 2420 Survey of Western Art II*ART 312 Art History 2A
GNST 2470 Principles of Biology**BIO 101 Principles of Biology (or higher)
GNST 2470L Principles of Biology LabBIO 101 Principles of Biology LAB (or higher)
GNST 2570 Microeconomics**ECO 202 Microeconomics
GNST 2630 Principles of Chemistry**CHE 221 Chemistry I (or higher)
GNST 2870 Macroeconomics**ECO 201 Macroeconomics
GNST 2960 American Political & Economic HistoryHST 226 US History
GNST 3020 StatisticsMTH 265 Introduction to Statistics
GNST 3400 Social Psychology*PSY 345 Social Psychology
GRPH 1720 TypographyARTG 460 Typography 2
MMKT 2880 Marketing Essentials*MKT 341 Marketing
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*Indicates courses that may not be a requirement in all majors. Such courses will be transferred in if they are a requirement or an elective choice in the transferring students program’s curriculum. ALSO: Major specific course may be accepted by the Department Chair with review of class projects / exams and course description.
**Indicates courses only offered in FIDM’s Business Management Bachelor of Science Degree to complete student’s lower division general education requirements.
***Indicates courses that may transfer after additional evaluation by FIDM’s Fashion Design Department regarding the review of specific projects, stated learning objectives and inquiries regarding the type of equipment and/or programs used. Evaluations could be minimized significantly pending the submission of a course outline and or syllabus.