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Photo of Ashlie looking up at camera wearing crown, white strapless top, and white sheer pants, sitting in a fluffy cloud

Alumna Ashlie Roswall Lands Job at Sparkl Fairy Couture Founded by FIDM Grad Gabi Hall

Born in Olympia, WA and raised in New York City, Ashlie Roswall has always wanted to work in the fashion industry. “Growing up in New York City inspired me and gave me the eye for fashion I have today. I spent many childhood days putting on various shirts and skirts to try and find that perfect combination.” She attended Tumwater High School near Olympia and then Washington State University, earning a B.A. in Fashion Design. Seeking to expand her visual skills, Ashlie decided to pursue an A.A., Professional Designation from FIDM in Visual Communications, which she completed last year. She’s now working in the industry as an Executive Assistant at Sparkl Fairy Couture, founded by FIDM Grad Gabi Hall, in Santa Monica. We caught up with Ashlie to learn more. 

Why did you choose FIDM? FIDM was my dream school. I love how they teach about the fashion world and how to prepare for the future. I chose this university because of the connections, classes, and professors. I feel so grateful to have attended here.
What is your background in Visual Communications? My visual communications background includes fashion styling, graphic design, merchandising display, and public relations. At Sparkl Fairy Couture in Los Angeles I get to style guests as well as design and edit the brand’s social media content. FIDM helped expand my skill set and gave me the tools I use today.
Sparkl Fairy Couture is owned by a fellow FIDM grad. How is it working for a fellow grad? Working for Sparkl Fairy Couture is fabulous. What's even better is that I get to work with a FIDM grad who also majored in Visual Communications. Gabi Hall, who we call G Sparkl, is an icon. I love being inspired by her and helping turn the Sparkl Fairy dream into reality. Because we both went to FIDM, we’ve been able to take what we’ve learned and apply it to the business. I understand her vision and we’ve become something of a dream team. 
What are your career goals? Apart from Sparkl Fairy, I’ve been venturing into DJing. I’m exploring ways to merge my experience in fashion and design with my love for music. However, working in the fashion industry has always been my top priority. One of my greatest career goals is to be a fashion stylist for Vogue.
Tell us about your DJing! In what other ways are you combining your interests in fashion and music? Fashion is my forever passion, but I also love music. DJing gives me a platform that allows me to express my style. When I’m playing a set, I get to style my own outfits and dress to the fullest. The music industry is inspiring, and you can gain a lot with a background in fashion and modeling. Similarly, expanding my skills to include DJing can help elevate my profile within the fashion industry. I’d love to DJ for a runway show. From a creative standpoint, DJing and fashion make a perfect combination.
What other projects are you working on? Modeling has been one of my greatest aspirations. I’m particularly inspired by editorial and runway modeling. I love working with photographers, brands, and other creatives. I’ve styled and modeled for Sparkl Fairy Couture for their Valentine’s Day editorial shoot. It gave me more experience and was a huge achievement for my career. My most recent project was modeling for a photo shoot on the beach in Marina Del Rey. I got to style the shoot as well. This was for a photography class with photographers Claire LeJeune and Pedro Quiroz. 
Anything else you’d like to add? The advice I would like to share when you study at FIDM is to take it seriously and absorb all the education that the school offers. You will get out of it what you put in.
Keep up with Ashlie on Instagram @ashlie.crystal.

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