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Student Ally Dechant Hired at Greg Lauren After Attending Career Connections Event

Student Ally Dechant Hired at Greg Lauren After Attending Career Connections Event

The Career Connections events held on the Los Angeles campus over the summer turned out to be a pivotal moment for Merchandise Product Development student Ally Dechant. It was at this event that she met two FIDM grads currently working for artist-turned-fashion designer Greg Lauren—nephew to Ralph Lauren. After networking with Agi Roson (Visual Communications) and Laura Brady (Apparel Industry Management and Business Management), Chief of Staff and Director of Social Media, respectively, Ally followed up with them, which led to an interview and a position as a production assistant at the LA-based fashion brand. We caught up with her to learn more.

What will you be doing at Greg Lauren? When did you start? I started on October 10th as a production assistant at Greg Lauren. This role entails helping in any aspect of the production process from sorting through vintage to helping the pieces being made. It's such a cool position because you get to see everything that goes into making one garment and style, and because it's a smaller company you get to know everyone and truly see what they do for the company on an everyday basis which is really insightful.

How did you find out about the opportunity? I met Laura and Agi at the Career Connections event at FIDM. The brand Greg Lauren had been on my radar ever since I started at FIDM because of their vintage usage, denim, and reconstruction aspects which I really resonate with. I talked to them at the event and originally I had just been looking for an internship but during the interview process it turned into an opportunity for a production assistant position.

How did you decide on Merchandise Product Development? I chose this major because I wanted to know about design but also more of the technical aspects as well (such as tech packs and textiles). I felt that an education in product development offers skills that cover so many careers and I would get to learn more aspects of the industry than just the design side, which I still love.

Why did you choose FIDM? I chose FIDM because I have always had a love for denim; Los Angeles is one of the largest denim hubs; and FIDM has the Business of Denim program (which I plan on doing after my A.A.). There are so many denim laundries here and this is the birthplace of premium denim, so I thought I would gain the most knowledge on denim here. I am also from Arizona and love the heat so I didn't know if I could withstand a New York winter quite yet.

What are your career goals and how is FIDM helping you get there? My career goal is to be the Denim Director of RRL or a vintage inspired brand such as Greg Lauren. FIDM has taught me so much about denim, even in my A.A., and really showed me how the fashion industry operates. While I've been here I have found a love for sourcing, textiles, and production areas which is something I never knew I could do before I came here. FIDM has truly been a happy place for me because I am given so many resources that give me an opportunity to succeed, and even though it is stressful at times, I know FIDM is setting me up for my future in the industry I am passionate about. I have also gotten involved in the special projects with Ms. Edwards and Mrs. Starling and that has helped challenge myself with thinking more outside of the box and a lot about sustainability, which is something I really want to focus on in the future.

Visit greglauren.com and find Ally on Instagram @allydechant.

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