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FIDM Student Amanda Bynes is on the Cover of Paper Magazine

FIDM Student Amanda Bynes is on the Cover of Paper Magazine

Amanda Bynes is featured on the cover of Paper magazine and in an accompanying in-depth profile where she discusses her studies at FIDM, retiring from acting, and her sobriety. 

You probably know Amanda Bynes from her mega hit films such as What a Girl Wants, She's the Man, or Hairspray. The actress, who got her first agent at age seven, once graced the covers of magazines such as Vanity Fair and Seventeen, is back in the public eye after a self-imposed hiatus courtesy of a splashy cover and spread in the new issue of Paper

The Merchandise Product Development Student, who plans to pursue a Bachelor's degree in 2019, chatted with writer Abby Schreiber in a candid and long-ranging interview, some of which took place at FIDM's L.A. campus. Described as "confidently decisive" and "exceedingly polite," Bynes takes the reader on a journey from her successful acting career to her increasingly erratic behavior, drug use, and finally, her inspiring story of getting sober.

The article, "Break the Internet: Amanda, Please," and accompanying photos of the actress-turned-fashion student looking happy and healthy quickly went viral after publication on Monday. The 32-year-old has studied at FIDM since 2014, and hopes to design a full collection in the future. In the story, she discusses her surprise at enjoying her Merchandising Math course: "It's a class on mark-up percentage, mark-up dollar, retail cost, and everything about selling your product," she told Paper. "I never really liked math before, but I like this class." And "I'm getting a 96 in it."

Sober for nearly four years, Bynes credits her parents with helping her get back on track. She enrolled at FIDM after hearing about the college on The Hills. "She wanted to get well," FIDM President Toni Hohberg told the magazine. "She's tasted the worst of the world and she's come through it beautifully. And I think one of the things she's going to be greatest at now is giving advice, starting with young people in the fifth, sixth, seventh or eighth grades — people who are tempted by [others] around them. She could save so many young people today."

Bynes is eager to re-enter the entertainment industry and says she's open to all kinds of roles and productions. A southern California native, Bynes said her favorite brand growing up was the action sports line No Fear. She describes being drawn to the notions of bravery and fearlessness. "I think that's kind of how I go about [life] now — like, what's there to lose?" she said. "I have no fear of the future. I've been through the worst and came out the other end and survived it so I just feel like it's only up from here."

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