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Sarah Madarang Portrait

Sarah Madarang Finds the Perfect Fit for her Creative and Business Sides in the FIDM MBA Program

Please tell us a little about yourself.
Hi, my name is Sarah and I was born and raised in the Philippines. I moved to California to pursue my MBA.

All my life I have always fantasized about fashion. From playing dress up with Barbie dolls to stepping into my mom’s stilettos.

My academic journey began with a double major in Entrepreneurship and Marketing at Saint Louis University in the Philippines. Seeking to further my opportunities, I earned a Fashion Styling certification from the Fashion Institute of the Philippines. This led to an exciting opportunity to work at styleList, inc., one of the Philippines' pioneering styling companies, where I honed my skills working on magazine editorials with renowned Philippine celebrities and in TV productions. My journey with the company also led to a remarkable opportunity to be featured on E! Asia for a reality series “the styleList,inc.”. This show offered a behind-the-scenes look at our daily lives as fashion stylists, highlighting the challenges and triumphs in the fast-paced world of fashion styling.

After five years in the fashion industry, I decided to return to my roots and further develop my business education. This shift marks a new phase in my career, where I now focus on assisting brands with project management and marketing strategy. In this role, I draw upon my extensive experience and knowledge gained from both the business and creative sectors. My blend of creativity and business acumen allows me to offer a unique perspective, effectively bridging the gap between creative vision and strategic business implementation in my endeavors.

What made you choose FIDM for your MBA? 
My journey pursuing an MBA at FIDM was inspired by the career of Lauren Conrad. I grew up watching "The Hills" and dreamed about attending FIDM. Watching her navigate the fashion world with grace and determination, I dreamt of walking in similar footsteps and making my mark in the industry. 

Now that dream has blossomed into my reality. Choosing FIDM for my MBA wasn't only about following in the footsteps of someone I admired, it was about carving my own path in a place that champions creativity and strategic business thinking. At FIDM, I'm not only developing the skills necessary for a successful career but also embracing the opportunity to transform my passion into tangible achievements. This journey is more than an academic pursuit, it's a step towards fulfilling a lifelong aspiration, inspired by a role model who showed me that dreams, no matter how big, can indeed come true.

What is your favorite class so far? 
My favorite class so far at FIDM is a tie between "Creativity, Innovation and Design in Business" and "Corporate Finance." Each course offers something unique and essential to my career path. "Creativity, Innovation and Design in Business" has been particularly inspiring, as it delves into how creative thinking can drive innovation and success in the business world. It's a class that perfectly aligns with my passion as a creative and my entrepreneurial aspirations, teaching me how to think outside the box. 

Alternately, "Corporate Finance" has given me a solid understanding of the strategic side of running a business. This course has provided me with the fundamental tools in financial management, investment strategies, and economic principles.

Both professors have provided me with invaluable insight and mentorship. Their guidance has helped me to understand the nuances of business management and strategic planning. Additionally, the collaborative projects and networking opportunities offered are also invaluable, allowing me to connect with peers, industry experts, and potential mentors.

What do you want to do after you graduate?
I want to immerse myself in the creative business industry and build my own brand. My goal is to combine my deep-rooted love for beauty and fashion with my strategic business insight. I want to create a unique brand that embodies my identity, leveraging my experiences and passion to craft something distinctly my own.

One central aspect of my vision is to honor and represent my Filipino heritage. I aim to build a brand that not only showcases the richness and diversity of Filipino culture but also supports and uplifts my community. Through this endeavor, I plan to offer a platform where the beauty, traditions, and artistic expressions of the Philippines are celebrated and shared with a wider audience, making my cultural roots an integral part of my professional journey.

How is FIDM preparing you for your career goals? 
FIDM is playing a pivotal role in preparing me for my career goals through its comprehensive and industry-relevant curriculum. The education I'm receiving here is not just theoretical, it's deeply rooted in practical, real-world applications. The collaborative projects and networking opportunities offered by the institution are invaluable, allowing me to connect with peers, industry experts, and potential mentors.

FIDM also emphasizes innovation and creativity, encouraging students to think outside the box and develop their own unique perspectives. This environment is nurturing my ability to blend creative design with strategic business practices, which is crucial for building a successful brand. It's shaping me into a well-rounded professional capable of realizing my dream of creating a brand that honors my roots and stands out in the global market.

Is there anything you would like to share with students considering the FIDM MBA? 
FIDM provides the tools and knowledge to get you started. The MBA program encourages entrepreneurial thinking and offers guidance on brand development, marketing strategies, and business management. One of FIDM's greatest strengths is its vibrant and diverse community. You'll be surrounded by creative minds from various backgrounds, offering a rich exchange of ideas and perspectives. This environment is not only inspiring but also instrumental in building a strong professional network.

The FIDM MBA is more than just an academic program, it's a journey of personal and professional transformation. It's an opportunity to not only acquire skills and knowledge but also to develop a unique voice and vision that can make a significant impact in the business industry.

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