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Krystal Cabo

Krystal Cabo

Production Coordinator for Elizabeth and James

Originally from Hawaii, Krystal Cabo is a Production Coordinator at Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen’s contemporary women’s label, Elizabeth and James. After getting a taste of what life would be like as a FIDM student during 3 Days of Fashion, Krystal knew she’d found the right college for her.

How did you hear about FIDM and make the decision to attend?
My counselor in high school had FIDM's Catalog on her bookshelf that I came across. After flipping through the pages, I wanted to know more about FIDM and its creative curriculum. FIDM representatives came to Hawaii to talk about the college, and I won one of the big raffle prizes to attend 3 Days of Fashion in L.A. I remember telling my parents that this was a sign and since my parents were supportive of me, we booked our flights to check it out.

After attending 3 Days of Fashion, getting a feel of the campus, and getting lost in Southern California's beauty, I was sold. I knew that FIDM would help me build a solid foundation to better prepare myself for my future in the fashion industry.

Did FIDM help you get any internships or jobs?
I used the FIDM Portal's Career Page to see if they had any job leads. It took me a few visits until I found the job I was looking for. I got hired as a Production Assistant and worked under Elizabeth and James and Patterson J. Kincaid.

In your role as Production Coordinator, what are some of your responsibilities?
After a year of being a Production Assistant, I had the opportunity to transition into being a Production Coordinator. My responsibilities include daily communication with import vendors and all departments involved with development/production. I create and send out purchase orders to our manufactures. I make sure that our vendors and our production are on schedule with our Time and Action calendar.

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