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Kristin Hall

Student Spotlight: Kristin Hall Transferred to FIDM to Prepare for the Industry

Kristin Hall was raised in Springfield, Illinois, where she attended Glenwood High School in Chatham. “Being raised in the Midwest leaves you grounded with a strong appreciation for the simplicity of life, and gives you the ability to find beauty and draw inspiration from your everyday surroundings,” she said. After receiving an associates degree in Art, Kristin transferred to FIDM to pursue a B.A. in Creative Industry Studies, Merchandise Product Development Core, and she’s expected to graduate in 2023. We checked in with her to learn more. 

How did you decide on FIDM? I started my college experience at Illinois State University, in their fashion design and merchandising program. I quickly realized what I already knew deep down, that a state school and what this program had to offer was not for me. It was not going to intellectually challenge me in the ways I wanted to be challenged. I decided to transfer back to my hometown and attend my community college, Lincoln Land Community College, where I would get my associates degree in Art. 

When considering where I wanted to transfer to, my only choice was FIDM. I knew the curriculum of the MPDV program was exactly what I wanted, and that the project-based, hands-on learning style combined with the fast-paced quarter system would challenge me in the ways I wanted and give me a feel for what working in the industry would really be like. I am so grateful that my journey led me to FIDM, and I am so happy with the knowledge and experience I have gained from my experience at FIDM so far. 

Any favorite FIDM memories so far? I’ve been at FIDM for about nine months now and throughout my time here I have made so many friendships and connections with people that will turn to contacts in the industry post-graduation. I am constantly learning about the industry and getting an inside look from professors and other speakers FIDM has brought in to speak at things like the Premier Product Development Group meetings. If you put in the work, your FIDM experience is guaranteed to be filled with memorable experiences. 

What’s an important lesson you’ve learned at FIDM? I’ve learned that challenging yourself and pushing your limits is when the creative breakthroughs happen. There are some really amazing professors here at FIDM who have so much knowledge to share. I have to shout out professors Benedict Amendolara, Kristen Slowe, Krista Osborne, and Claire-Dee Lim who have pushed me to points of expansion I didn’t think I was capable of, and whose knowledge will stick with me for a very long time. I really recommend taking their courses if possible before leaving FIDM. 


What are your career goals? As of this moment, my dream career goal is to be in a position of creative/art direction of either an entire brand or a section of a brand that I am passionate about. I want to work at companies that value sustainability, inclusivity, and diversity. Overall, I just want to use my talents to create things that inspire people while also moving the industry in a progressive direction.  

Keep up with Kristin on Instagram @kristinhalll.

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