Recent Merchandise Product Development Grad Promoted to Logistics Coordinator at Cure Apparel

Recent Merchandise Product Development Grad Promoted to Logistics Coordinator at Cure Apparel

Merchandise Product Development Graduate Josh Oswalt, who was raised in Artesia, California, graduated from FIDM in December of 2019. Less than two months after starting as a Production Assistant at Los Angeles-based Cure Apparel, he was promoted to Logistics Coordinator. We recently caught up with Josh to learn more about his path to FIDM and how his education prepared him for this position and his ultimate goal of working in management in the action sports industry.

What was your path to FIDM? I always wanted to go to FIDM, but was talked into trying community college first. I tried it for a year and decided that things were moving too slow and that FIDM was the right choice for me. I then reached out to an Admissions Advisor in Orange County and got started with the enrollment process. 

Tell us about your current role at Cure Apparel. After graduation, I got hired at Cure Apparel as a Production Assistant, which consisted of spec'ing garments, creating tech packs, and organizing inventory. After about a month, I was offered a position as a Logistics Coordinator. 

My responsibilities now are to communicate with our manufacturer and buyers on a daily basis to ensure our goods meet their delivery on time. The position has much more responsibility and I am gaining invaluable experience that will prepare me for a Production Manager position. 

How did FIDM help prepare you for this role? FIDM helped prepare me for my career in every way possible: the knowledge to be an asset to any company, the ability to handle a heavy workload, and the necessary tools to be successful in this industry. 

What are your favorite aspects of the position? My favorite aspects of the position are the sense of accomplishment I get when all deliveries are met on time and the understanding I now have of the full production process from start to finish

What are your ultimate career goals? I am interested in working in the Orange County skate/surf industry. I am scheduled to go back to school in the summer to learn pattern making so that I may be more versatile. I plan to combine the experience I have now with pattern making to further my career in the skate/surf industry at the management level.

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