Menswear Grads of 2018 Featured in Apparel News

Menswear Grads Featured in Apparel News

Graduates of FIDM's Advanced Study Menswear Program unveiled their collections last Thursday night in Los Angeles and fashion industry bible California Apparel News was there to report on the technology-enhanced looks. 

From clothing with built-in gadgets and lifesaving devices to pigment-changing denim jackets and solar panel backpacks, the recent Menswear Graduates bridged smart-looking garments and smart wearable tech. From Apparel News:

"Travel for business or pleasure was made easier through Vani Patel's wearable translator jacket, which allows customers to listen to other people through their collars while being spoken to through a microphone in their sleeves. Originally from St. Lucia, Najah Josie used colorful island-inspired prints to create unique styles that also keep electronic devices charged with solar panels fitted into a backpack. Creating clothing that maintains battery power through a hidden, inside breast pocket charger was also the goal of Han Lee whose designs were based upon royalty and military styles." 

Pictured from left: Najah Josie, FIDM Student Ramone Payton, Cheyanne Teia Morgan, Han Lee, Anthony Escoto, FIDM Chair of Menswear Roni Miller, Patrick Griley, Taylor Rose Hertz, LaVon Poindexter, Vani Patel, Jake Zielinski, and Jacob Wilder Gordon.

Photo: Benjamin Shmikler / ©ABImages

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