Transferring to FIDM

We welcome transfer student applicants

FIDM accepts transfer students into both its Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science programs. Applicants with completed Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degrees are also eligible for admission to FIDM’s specialized degree programs.

Transferring college credits into an Associate’s program:

If you have attended an accredited 2-year or 4-year college, up to 30 semester units (45 quarter units) may be transferable into one of FIDM’s Associate of Arts programs. We maintain Course Equivalency agreements with many U.S. colleges. You may request that your transcript be evaluated by the Admissions department whether or not an agreement is in place. Contact an Admissions Advisor for more information or to request an evaluation.

Transferring college credits into a Bachelor’s program:

  • FIDM maintains upper-division pathway articulation agreements with many colleges in the U.S. Students holding degrees from these colleges are invited to apply to the Bachelor of Arts in Creative Industry Studies program or to the specialized Bachelor’s degree program to which their Associate’s degree major is linked.
  • FIDM welcomes upper-division transfer applicants from most U.S. colleges to its Bachelor of Arts in Creative Industry Studies program. You are eligible for admission if you have completed:
    • an Associate’s degree in an academic or career-focused major; or
    • the certified transfer curriculum for admission to your state university; or
    • at least 45-60 semester units (67-90 quarter units) of transferable academic course work
  • FIDM’s specialized Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science programs welcome upper-division transfer applicants. You are eligible for admission if you have completed an Associate’s degree in a relevant major. Contact an Admissions advisor to see if your major qualifies.

Applying to FIDM as a college graduate:

All of FIDM’s Professional Designation programs, its Master of Business Administration program, and its Advanced Study programs in Entertainment Set Design, Film & TV Costume, Menswear, and The Business of Denim are open to applicants holding Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degrees. Requirements vary; please see specific majors for information about the programs that interest you.