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Housing FAQ

Student Housing FAQ

Answers to Your Housing Questions

You'll find answers to our most frequently asked questions regarding Student Housing in the FAQ below.

How do I apply for FIDM Housing?

The best way to apply is via the FIDM Portal online application. Or for manual applications, Step 1: print out and complete the Housing Application Form PDF and email the documents to the FIDM Student Housing Office (Housing@fidm.edu). Step two: submit payment.

How much is FIDM Student Housing?

Quarterly (10 weeks) housing fees are per quarter and per student. For a shared space, the current cost is $4100*, plus an initial Placement Fee of $350. For a private space, the current cost is $8200*, plus the $350 initial Placement Fee. The initial placement fee of $350 is required for students who are new to FIDM Housing.

Therefore, the total cost to reserve a space in FIDM Student Housing for the first quarter is either $4450 for a shared space or $8550 for a private space.

*Subject to change annually

What is a Shared space?

You will share a bedroom and bathroom with one other student, and share the apartment with 1-2 students in the second bedroom and bathroom.

What is a Private space?

You will have your own bedroom and bathroom, but still share the apartment with 2 students in the second bedroom and bathroom.

Is there an option to live in a Studio or 1-Bedroom unit?

No, we only have 2-bedroom/2-bathroom units and do not offer a studio unit or 1-bedroom unit option. We typically place 3-4 students in each unit.

Can I just send the $350 placement fee and send the rest later?

No, a reservation cannot be confirmed unless ALL fees are paid at one time.

What does the cost of FIDM Housing include?

Quarterly housing fees include: rent, furniture, utilities, and internet access. (Food, phone, and parking are not included.)

What is included inside the unit?

  • General utilities, cable, and internet access
  • Living Room: sofa, chair, coffee table, end table, lamp, TV and TV stand
  • Dining Room: dining table with four chairs
  • Kitchen: refrigerator, stove, microwave, and dishwasher
  • Bedrooms: two standard-length twin beds, a night stand, and lamps; one chest or dresser; one desk with chair

*Extra furniture is not allowed.
*Laundry facilities are either on the property or are located inside the unit.

How can I pay for FIDM Student Housing?

Cashiers checks, money orders, wire transfers, or credit cards are accepted (Discover, Visa, MasterCard, American Express).

No personal checks please.

Can I use Financial Aid to cover FIDM Housing?

Yes, but not for the first quarter. Your financial aid disbursement is available AFTER the start of each new quarter. Housing fees must be paid in full PRIOR to each quarter you desire to live in FIDM Housing. Therefore, your first housing payment should be considered an "out of pocket" expense, due to this payment/ disbursement schedule. Once your payment is complete, your space is guaranteed. Please consult a Financial Aid Officer regarding the specifics to plan ahead appropriately.

When is the deadline date to cancel housing and receive a refund for the FIDM Housing fees?

Housing fees are neither refundable nor transferable. Student may cancel this Contract and receive a refund of housing fees paid (minus the non-refundable $350 placement fee) if Student submits a written Cancellation Notice to the FIDM Housing Department within 10 calendar days from the Application Deadline. If the written Cancellation Notice is received within 10 calendar days from the Application Deadline, FIDM will issue a refund of the housing fees paid (minus the non-refundable $350 placement fee) within 30 days.

Can I choose the specific property where I want to live?

No. A first-time or “Initial” applicant cannot request a specific property. Please understand that FIDM needs to have the flexibility to assign spaces according to availability for the first quarter. In the following quarter as a “renewal” applicant, you are able to request a specific property.

Are building and/or roommate requests guaranteed?

Although it is not guaranteed, it is always FIDM's goal to meet the student's request(s). In general, students are placed based on age and gender.

When will I know my FIDM Student Housing assignment?

Assignment letters are e-mailed to students 3 weeks prior to the check-in date. Due to the nature of FIDM Student Housing, exact addresses and roommate assignments are given at check-in and not any earlier.

Can I have my items shipped before I arrive?

No, the apartment managers will not accept packages before you move in.

Is parking included in the Housing fees?

Parking is not included in your Housing fees. FIDM has a limited number of parking spaces on each property. All inquiries for parking can be made to the FIDM Housing office. If you are not a recipient of parking on the property you will be given a list of additional parking options available in the surrounding areas. Please budget $75 - $225 a month for parking. The chart below lists the building and its quarterly parking fees.

Quarterly parking fees for student housing buildings
Met G12 Broadway Palace
$300 $525 $300

Once in FIDM Housing, am I able to remain in the same unit and with the same roommates?

FIDM's goal is to keep all students in their same units and with the same roommates, if no request to change has been made. Due to the nature of FIDM Student Housing, it may not be possible for a student to remain in the same unit/building each quarter. However, that does not mean students move every single quarter, it just means that they will move at some point throughout their time in FIDM Housing, it could be the 1st quarter, their 2nd quarter, or 3rd quarter.

What is the difference between Move-Out Day and Transfer Day?

Move Out Day applies to students that do not renew for the following quarter. If a student does not renew for the following quarter, then they are scheduled to move out by 5:00pm on the Move-Out date, which is typically always the day after the last day of classes. Please refer to the Housing Calendar for exact dates.

Transfer Day applies to the students that do renew. Transfer Day is the day that they will move in to their new assigned unit or building. Students remain in their current unit until Transfer Day, and on that day, they move their belongings to their new unit or building and remain there for the remainder of the break and quarter. Please refer to the Housing Calendar for exact dates.

When should I fly back home?

Due to the nature of FIDM Student Housing, it is best to purchase plane tickets that depart the evening of or after the Transfer Date, if you are planning to stay in FIDM Student Housing the next quarter.

Otherwise, if you are transferred to another unit and cannot be there on the transfer date to move your belongings, it will be your responsibility to place your items in storage before leaving.

Whom do I contact if I am unable to check-in during the scheduled move-in date and time?

You may move in later but not earlier. All late arrivals are required to make prior arrangements with the Housing Office at 800-624-1200 ext.5624 or Housing@fidm.edu.

How early do I need to apply for housing?

Early reservations are recommended. Space is not reserved until all application forms and full payment are received and confirmed by the Student Housing Office. Please refer to the Housing Calendar for exact dates.

Are there Resident Advisors?

Yes, Resident Advisors are there to help students with emergencies and concerns, and to assist in making the FIDM experience enjoyable and successful.

Why is it required that I sign a contract with FIDM when I move in?

Signed Housing Contracts with FIDM are required from students in order to ensure the comfort and security of living in a community situation. Adherence to all contracts and housing deadlines are strictly enforced.