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Important Documents & Additional Information

The mission of the International Student Office is to enrich international students’ experience by providing counseling, information, and support services and ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations.

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The Social Security Administration will not issue F-1 students a social security number unless they have authorized paid employment. See below to determine what documentation is needed based on your employment status:

  • For on-campus employment, students need; (1) an offer letter from the department they are to be employed by, (2) a verification letter from their Primary Designatied School Official (PDSO) in FIDM's International Students Office. In addition, they must bring with them their passport, visa, most Current I-94 card, and SEVIS I-20.
  • For off-campus employment through CPT students will need an offer letter from their prospective employer, written verification from the FIDM Career Center verifying their eligibility for an internship and/or apprenticeship (FIDM Internship Form), signed off by their academic advisor, in addition to their SEVIS I-20 that annotates their CPT work authorization on the second page, their passport, visa, most current I-94 card and a verification letter from their PDSO.
  • For off-campus employment through OPT students will need to bring their Employment Authorization Document (EAD) card, SEVIS I-20, visa, most recent I-94 card and passport.

For more details refer to the Social Security Administration's web page regarding international students and Social Security numbers.

At the normal conclusion of studies or practical training, F-1 students usually have a 60-day grace period in which to prepare to leave the U.S., to move to a new academic program, or to transfer to another institution. However, certain factors may reduce that grace period to 15 days or to 0 days. Remaining in the United States after ceasing, terminating, or interrupting studies before the completion of the program is a serious violation of F-1 status for which reinstatement is generally not granted. Currently, a reinstatement denial has the effect of subjecting an out-of-status F-1 student to two penalty provisions in the Immigration and Nationality Act: INA Section 222(g) overstay and visa cancellation and INA Section 212(a)(9)(B) unlawful presence. Read more about Reinstatement.

International students attending FIDM are required to purchase health insurance or provide proof of health insurance coverage within their first quarter of study. If you do not have insurance coverage while studying in the US that you purchased prior to arriving and can verify you need to purchase a policy from FIDM's sole carrier for International Student Health coverage at: