Unique Challenges of Social Media Jobs

Unique Challenges of Social Media Jobs

Some skeptics have the impression that social media careers are superficial, that they require nothing more than knowing how to write 140 characters tweets and come up with a catchy caption. In reality, social media careers require marketing professionals to make spur of the moment judgement calls. And the stakes are high: in the social media world, one little mistake can ignite a viral controversy that costs someone their job.

Anyone who's actually worked in this field knows all too well that social media positions present unique and difficult challenges. If you're interested in pursuing social media jobs, then enrolling in a top social media school can help prepare you for an exciting and demanding career in this ever-changing landscape. But to give you an idea about what careers in social media require, here's what you need to know in order to learn social media and master it for a living:

You may be off the clock, but social media isn't

Unlike employees, social media never sleeps. Your posts will accumulate interest throughout the night, and followers expect constant contact through social media. Although no employer will expect you to be available 24/7 (we hope), you may be expected to remain "on call" for social media emergencies. If you attend social media college and want to pursue a career in the field, you should expect to learn how to handle the pressures of constant communication.

You'll have to adapt to frequent changes

The only thing that remains constant in social media is its ability to change. Platforms increase and decline in popularity all the time (remember Vine?), and new advancements are being implemented on a near-daily basis. For instance, although Facebook continues to be America's most popular platform for social networking -- 79% of Americans now use Facebook -- this could change at virtually any moment if a better app comes along. Not only will you be expected to stay on top of all these changes, but you'll need to be ahead of the curve. This will require a lot of research on your part, as well as an innate understanding of where the industry started and where it's going. Our social media school can certainly help you in this regard, and since our curriculum changes along with the new developments in technology, you'll become more adaptable with the experience you gain at FIDM.

You'll have many responsibilities

Unlike many other jobs, the duties of a social media professional cannot be clearly defined with one simple sentence. A good social media manager has to act as cheerleader, therapist, analyst, writer, and much more. You'll have to promote services, products, or events, foster brand identity and company morale, dispense advice to customers, write witty and enticing copy, evaluate engagement metrics, and communicate effectively with all team members. And these responsibilities likely won't cover the entire scope of your position! If you want to attend social media school and pursue a career in the field, you'll need to be prepared to wear many hats and do so with aplomb.

Here at FIDM, we can provide you with the tools you need to be successful in this competitive, cutting-edge industry. To find out more, take a look at our Social Media major degrees page, or get in touch with us today. We can help you make your career dreams a reality.

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