Business Administration Experience

The Experience

Internships are built into the curriculum: Students intern with companies such as Rachel Zoe, LA Clippers, Billabong, Dolce & Gabbana, JustFab, Harper’s Bazaar, Jenner Communications, and Warner Bros.

The capstone seminar project for the MBA program is a 6-unit course where students practice real-world business consulting, as they assist companies to develop strategic initiatives for growth. Students will be individually mentored by a selected faculty member and will present an in-depth analytical research thesis at the completion of the course.

Career Opportunities

Our Career Center has cultivated a database of thousands of employer contacts nationwide with the singular goal of providing industry-related internships and employment for our students and graduates throughout their careers.


Be your own boss. Create a new venture and accept responsibility for the outcome. Identify opportunities, create a business plan, allocate resources, and create value as the owner behind a company or organization.

Business Analyst

Develop and communicate financial results, forecasts, financial strategies to senior management and cross-functional teams.

Director of Product Management

Develop, communicate and execute strategic financial plans and strategies that support the financial objectives of the organization.

Financial Analyst

Possess and present a clear understanding of forensic financial measurements and how the analyst impacts profitability.

Inventory Management Planner

Reconcile manipulation of inventory management to support and enhance forecasted sales structured to support achievement of financial goals.

Logistics Manager

Integrate various Management Information Systems into the logistics management strategy and operations of a business function. Focus on the application of systems in optimizing performance, measuring supply chain efficiency, project management and impact on profitability.

Manager of Store Operations

Direct merchandising function to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to align future financial and product opportunities for the organization.

Market Analyst Manager

Focus on how organizations source and analyze competitive intelligence data, and how the analyses result in information and insights that direct strategic financial planning and construction.

Marketing Manager

Responsible for the creation of strong brands, expanded consumer base, and both intangible value (top line) and profitability (bottom line). Analyze marketing strategies for products in their growth, mature and declining phases with a focus on optimizing return on marketing investment at all stages of the product life cycle.

Project Manager

Develop, communicate and execute strategic plans that support the financial objectives of the organization. Identify risks to, and opportunities for, the business’ growth strategy.

Supply Chain Analyst

Identify, acquire, analyze, and evaluate timely and accurate information in the construction of supply chain management information systems, and how each element in the supply chain impacts gross margin.