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    International Student Life: Inside the World of Sharon Zhang

    FIDM Ambassador Chloe Cheng recently chatted with Chinese International Student Sharon Zhang, who is a currently enrolled in our Bachelor of Science in Business Management program. Learn more about her FIDM Experience:

    Where are you from? How do you like living/studying in California?
    I am from China and I really enjoy living in LA. I love the sunshine, the beaches and my friends here. I am busier in LA than I was while living in Seattle, but I like it because I can use my limited time to do more things.
    我来自中国,我很喜欢这里的阳光和海滩 还有我的朋友们。 这里的生活节奏似乎比西雅图快了一些,但是我很喜欢这种用有限的时间去做更多事情的感觉。

    When will you graduate from FIDM and what is your major?
    I am graduating next June. I was studying Merchandising & Marketing for my Associates, but now I am studying Business Management for my Bachelor’s Degree. 
    我明年六月份本科毕业。 我的副学士时Merchandising & Marketing, 学士是管理。

    How did you choose to study at FIDM? 

    When I was in Seattle, I worked for a “Transfer Fair” at a college, then I found FIDM. I was really interested in this school, so I flew to LA to visit during my spring break. FIDM offers classes that highly focus on my interests and has many connections with fashion industry. 
    我是在西雅图的一个学校工作的时候看到fidm, 对此非常感兴趣所以在春假期间我就飞来洛杉矶参观了一下学校。 Fidm 非常注重专业知识,并且他们与很多与我们专业相关的公司有合作关系。

    Where did you study/work before FIDM?
    I was studying Communications in Seattle. From there, I transferred to FIDM. 
    最开始我在西雅图学习传媒. 之后我转到fidm. 我 个人觉得我做了很多错误的决定当我刚来到美利坚时,但是转到fidm是一个正确的决定。

    What do you like the most about FIDM?
    I like the small class sizes because I can have more time to talk to my professors. FIDM has a really amazing library. There are so many helpful fashion books and materials I can use for my papers and projects. In addition, my first interview was found via FIDM’s Career Center. 
    我喜欢小班教学这样让我有更多的机会与我的老师交流。 我很喜欢fidm的图书馆,里面有很多珍贵的有关时尚的书籍和资料, 对我的文章以及project都有很大的帮助。
    How do you think FIDM will prepare your career in the future?
    What we’re learning in class is very detailed, especially the classes that teach about the real business world. 

    However, if FIDM offered more work opportunities/scholarships for international students, that would be beneficial to my future.  
    FIDM的课程是逐渐加深的, 通常在最后的两个学期中我们会有一些课程是为我们进入真正的工作而打基础的。 然而,如果fidm可以给国际学生提供更多的工作机会和奖学金就更好了。


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