About FIDM

A college like no other

FIDM is a specialized, private college dedicated to educating students for the Fashion, Graphics, Interior Design, and Entertainment Industries.

It’s a place where creativity and careers merge. We’re hands-on and industry focused. We’re small enough to know our students’ names, but big enough to have the industry contacts and resources to help them meet their goals.

We don’t just prepare our students for a job; we prepare them for a career.

Our Reputation

FIDM is an internationally recognized force in the Fashion, Graphics, Interior Design and Entertainment Industries. Whether creating strong industry partnerships with companies who mentor students inside and outside the classroom or cultivating relationships with top brands, our goal is to create incredible career opportunities for our students and graduates.

What the Industry Is Saying…

As an Advisory Board Member, it’s been amazing and rewarding to see how FIDM has evolved the curriculum to stay relevant to the times, providing lucrative and competitive career opportunities to a wide range of students. FIDM Students are connected to real world scenarios and are placed in credible careers that have national and global recognition.” -Tom Julian President, Tom Julian Group

FIDM is an institution that promotes leadership and originality through quality education, ensuring excellence among their students in the creative professions they select. The future of retail is looking forward to your sound preparation.” - Michael Gould Chairman & CEO of Bloomingdale’s

We have had such great success with FIDM Student Interns and can’t wait to continue the relationship.” - Tiffany Arregui District Visual Manager of Anthropologie

Additional Notes

FIDM Graduates own thriving fashion, graphics, and interior design companies and we’re proud of their accomplishments. They are in charge of merchandising and buying for major department stores. Some work as beauty industry executives, manage shopping centers, or design sportswear, textiles, and haute couture. Others create costumes for Oscar®-nominated films or give Barbie™ her latest look. The clothes you wear, the websites you surf, the sheets you sleep on, the perfume you apply, and the movie trailers you watch may exist because FIDM Graduates make them happen.

We’re also deservedly proud of our faculty. Besides teaching at FIDM, many are doing exciting, meaningful work in their fields. Our instructors are fine artists, production managers, costume designers, manufacturing and marketing consultants, entrepreneurs who own successful design firms, and industry executives. FIDM Students draw from their insights and connections daily.

How We’ve Grown

In 1969, we were urban pioneers starting a one-of-a-kind college with two Downtown L.A. classrooms. We’ve grown to become four campuses with a student body of 7,000 and nearly 60,000 graduates worldwide. Our driving force has been to stay focused on our goal: to create an educational environment that fuses student desires with career realities. We’re always thinking about how we can adapt and expand to meet the challenges ahead.