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Students learn the techniques of digital cinema within a framework of storytelling and teamwork at one of the top digital media arts colleges on the West Coast. In our campus production facility equipped with edit bays, machine rooms, and an insert stage, students take digital media courses with working professionals. They gain the education to get jobs in film, television, web, and video game industries. In addition to hands-on experience in class and working on the annual runway show DEBUT, students have taken internships that turned into jobs at companies like Create Advertising and Greenhaus GFX.

A Closer Look


The Digital Media Program provides students with the opportunity to integrate imagination and technology. The program teaches a synergistic approach to modern technologies. Students learn to blend sight, sound, and motion seamlessly. The Program is designed to build specific skill sets that provide a strong foundation of industry knowledge. Our graduates are digital artists that have learned their craft in the context of creative expression and are prepared for specialized careers in the industry.


The Bachelor of Arts in Digital Cinema Program provides students with a hands-on education in the digital arts from technical, creative, and ethical perspectives. The curriculum imparts comprehensive technical knowledge of the pre-production, production, and post-production processes. Graduates are qualified for a wide range of specialized careers in digital media with a focus on the entertainment industry

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