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Business Administration Facts

In the MBA Program, students learn the skills to effectively convey ideas in oral, written, and graphical form; integrate information literacy and critical reasoning to consider broad perspectives and develop compelling arguments; research and analyze global economic trends to create business strategies; assess the dynamics of profitability, synthesize comprehensive knowledge of management and creative thought to identify issues and develop resolutions; and propose innovative business models.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree

Admission to this 61-unit program requires a Bachelor’s Degree from FIDM or another accredited college or university and an Associate of Arts Degree from FIDM. This graduate degree program maximizes students’ competitive advantage in the workplace, preparing them for entrepreneurial ventures or management team roles in the Fashion, Interior Design, and Entertainment industries.


This degree can be obtained fully or partially via online courses. eLearning students are granted the same quality education as students on campus and have immediate access to valuable campus resources. Ask your Advisor for more information when applying.


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  • FIDM Associate of Arts Degree
  • Bachelor's Degree (accredited college or university)