Apparel Industry Management

Study Clothing Design in Courses Made for the Apparel Industry

This hands-on program combines apparel design classes with real world business training. In classrooms equipped with apparel industry technology, students design a clothing collection that reflects knowledge of trends, supply chain realities, and the current global marketplace.

Endorsed by the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA).

A Closer Look

The Apparel Industry Management Program is designed to prepare students for eventual ownership and/or management of a global fashion manufacturing company. The program combines creativity, business knowledge, and computer technology, involving the student in all phases of product innovation, including design, line development, global sourcing, production planning, technology use, sales management, financial control, and global human resources management. The curriculum stresses the importance of leadership, teamwork, creativity, and effective communication in decision-making from the visionary development of the initial concept to the delivery of the finished product.

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