The following are the required courses for this major. Students who attend Orientation and meet with the Education Department can obtain personalized academic counseling to complete the program. Transfer credits, changes in curriculum, and other factors may affect the academic plan for individual students. The FIDM Education Department can provide additional information.

Students without an undergraduate business degree will complete the pre-MBA Foundation coursework (4000-level courses – 15 units) before starting the MBA coursework (5000-level courses). With approval from the department chair, students with an undergraduate degree in Business Management and a strong academic background may go directly into the MBA coursework (46 units).

Pre-MBA coursework begins in the Spring Quarter, and MBA coursework begins in the Summer Quarter.


Bachelor’s Degree from FIDM or another accredited college or university. Additional requirements may apply.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

BUMT 4110
Micro & Macro Economics++
Microeconomics introduces economic analysis of individual, business, and industry choices in the market economy. Topics include price mechanism, supply and demand, optimizing economic behavior, costs and revenue, market structures, factor markets, income distribution, market failure, and government intervention.

Macroeconomics introduces economic analysis of aggregate employment, income, and prices. Topics include major schools of economic thought; aggregate supply and demand; economic measures, fluctuations, and growth; money and banking; stabilization techniques; and international trade. Upon completion, students should be able to evaluate national economic components, conditions, and alternatives for achieving socioeconomic goals.
BUMT 4130
Financial Literacy++
Students will develop an understanding of the role of financial management in the strategic planning process, and demonstrate an understanding of financial statements through financial ratio analysis. They will examine cash flow management techniques and their application to financial planning and Analyze financial risk and return fundamentals, and develop an understanding of capital budgeting techniques and valuation.
BUMT 4160
Global Marketing Communications & Management++
Students will develop an understanding of global marketing communications and the key elements of a global marketing communication strategy. They will explore how companies use global communications and design elements to differentiate their products and services. They will develop an understanding of marketing channels and supply chain management
BUMT 4180
Global Strategic Management++
Students will develop an understanding of the concepts of strategic planning and its significance to the firms competitiveness. They will learn to analyze the firms core competencies and organizational capabilities and how elements of international business finance can impact managerial decisions. They will explore and analyze the challenges of managing in a global environment.
BUMT 5010
The Global Economy
This course analyzes the components and dynamics of todays global economic geography, and the political and social complexities of todays global business environment. Students will explore strategies for creating value within global production networks, considering strategies for production and distribution, and analyze global consumption patterns.
BUMT 5050
Library Research
This six-week online course is designed to build upon the basic research skills learned as an undergraduate. Each week through applied learning activities, course readings, and group work students will identify, evaluate, and use information effectively as they prepare for the rigors of scholarly and professional research.
BUMT 5100
Current Global Market Dynamics
This course explores product and geographic global business diversification, and the ethics and social responsibility issues necessary in developing a global marketing strategy. It explores global competitive dynamics and considers various strategies of action for market protection.
BUMT 5200
The Science of Competitive Analysis
This course is designed to expand information literacy and predictive analytics. It will broaden the student research awareness in identifying competitive market intelligence resources and the application of competitive analysis in strategic management decision selection and support.
BUMT 5250
Financial Analysis & Control
This course provides an understanding and foundation for using financial statement data in a variety of business analyses and valuation contexts. This course will focus on financial strategic planning and control. It will explore financial management communication as a means to enhance and achieve support of established strategic business goals.
BUMT 5260
Global Financial Strategy
This course develops an integration of strategic marketing, financial modeling and supply chain structure and management focusing on optimization of profitability. It will explore strategic financial issues that confront managers in multinational firms and how to establish cost of capital calculations and valuation in different financial environments.
BUMT 5280
Human Resource Management: People, Practices & Profitability+
This course will explore the governance structure necessary to develop, manage and lead a sustainable global business enterprise. It will analyze how the Human Resource Management function can help organizations gain a competitive advantage and explore the impact Employment Law can have on profitability.
BUMT 5300
Logistics Management
This course focuses on International trade logistics. It will explore and analyze the relationship of supply chain structure and logistics management on gross margin achievement, maintenance, and return on investment. It will analyze various approaches to create and control demand management and logistics and will explore the benefits and potential strategic issues in vertical VS horizontal integration when developing and evaluating supply chain strategies.
BUMT 5400
Advanced Strategic Planning & Implementation
This is a Seminar exploring International and global business strategic modeling. It will focus on managing risk mitigation to enhance financial performance. Case studies will focus on strategic issue diagnosis and managerial implementation outcomes. Students will analyze the differences in emergent, growth, maturity and declining phases of product life cycle strategic planning.
BUMT 5500
Strategic Marketing Management
This course explores and analyzes the marketing management process building a foundation for marketing program decisions with a focus on product, pricing, distribution channel selection and integrated promotion. It will explore strategies for organizing and planning for effective marketing implementation. The primary focus will be on measuring financial performance as a result of innovative marketing strategies.
BUMT 5600
Legal Issues that Impact Profitability & Innovation
This course analyzes the impact of business legal structure, intellectual property protection, licensing strategy, and tax management on the financial structure of the organization. It will explore the law relative to the cyber business environment; and the potential financial issues to be considered relative to product liability and consumer law will be explored.
BUMT 5650
Creativity, Innovation & Design in Business
This course explores various approaches in developing an innovation strategy from a creative beginning to an innovative implementation resulting in a competitive business structural design. Approaches to applying design concepts in business model development will be explored and analyzed.
BUMT 5700
Sales Management+
This course will focus on the creation and management of an effective sales force. Topics will include understanding the sales process, methods of sales management, sales force structure, customer relationship management (CRM), uses of technology to improve sales force effectiveness, and issues in recruiting, selecting, training, motivating, compensating and retaining salespeople.
BUMT 5800
Entrepreneurial Ergonomics
Ergonomics is the discipline concerned with the understanding of interactions among individuals and other components of a function or system, and the process that develops strategies to apply theory, principles, data and methods of design to optimize performance. In this course, students will be mentored in their development plans to transform innovative ideas into profitable business structures, and present formal product or service concepts for analysis and critique. This course offers a unique opportunity for the students to experience design thinking in a business context.
BUMT 5950
Capstone Seminar
Students will be individually mentored by a selected faculty member and will present an in-depth analytical research thesis based upon an actual business consultation selected by the Department. This seminar will focus on current business dynamics and their impact on strategic planning and financial considerations with the result being a proposed plan for expansion and strategic control for the small business owner involved.
Total Units of Credit: 61

+ Only offered as an online (distance learning) course
++ Pre-MBA Foundation Quarter courses